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Let's work together to get Angela the professional help she needs to "school" her Dyslexia!!!

Imagine for a moment that you could not read your favorite book, blog, newspaper or magazine. Imagine you could not write an email, a resume, a cover letter, or fill out a job application. This is the reality of life for Angela Smith. All the benefits of reading and writing are lost to those who suffer from severe dyslexia, and words are not a joy but a torment. Mundane tasks become monumental projects and difficult challenges become insurmountable. For 34 years, Angela Smith has lived a life defined and pervaded by severe dyslexia, but she is now ready to tackle her disability head on. Starting in November, Angela Smith will attend the Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. Check out the links on the left hand side to read about the Eaton Centre. The goal of her studies there will be to improve her reading level to that of an average adult. Angela already has 2/3 of the first year’s tuition ready but she needs your help to raise the remaining $5,000. PLEASE help Angela help herself!

When you meet Angela Smith, you notice that she is pretty, funny, intelligent, giving and vibrant. You would not suspect that she has severe dyslexia. Angela consistently works multiple low-paying jobs at the same time, sometimes going for months without a day off. Angela cannot do clerical work in a office setting and this seriously limits her career options and ability to support herself. She is constantly calling upon family and friends to help her with reading and writing related tasks. Angela would love to be able to do such things herself! I cannot even begin to explain all of the ways that dyslexia has negatively impacted Angela's life. The lack of savings, retirement fund and general stability have driven Angela to finally confront the stigma and shame associated with dyslexia. She has decided to stop hiding it and start fighting it!

The Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre is one of the very few facilities equipped to handle adult dyslexia. Exercises pioneered by the Arrowsmith School are based on the theory of neuroplasticity and have been incorporated into the curriculum at the Eaton Center. These methods have been shown to actually "rewire" the adult brain and help strengthen the parts weakened by learning disabilities. The Arrowsmith School was featured in the book, "The Brain that Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge, MD. And the Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre has been featured in the book, "Brain School" by Howard Eaton. See the links on the left side of the page for more information. The irony is that Angela can only be told about what you have the ability and opportunity to read. With your help, Angela will be able to succeed.

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