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Down on my luck, and all I want are answers, and the means to get them for my sweet Cassidy, who doesn't deserve to suffer.

I am here on behalf of my beloved 10 year old Yorkie Cassidy. She is my entire world, and we have been through so much together. The last month has been just one problem after another, ranging from ruptured ACL, sleepless nights for her, which mean sleepless nights for me, where she exhibits strange behavior such as dry mouth, sniffling, trying to clear her nose, restlessness. I have been back and forth to the vet at least 3 times a week. On top of her ACL issue, and not being able to walk, I am now seeing other things that are strange, having nothing to do with that, and I seem to be just spending so much money, but not getting any answers, while my baby continues to not feel well. Vet finally decided maybe she has a bacterial infection after 3 visits saying she has a runny nose, and keeps acting weird. That was a week ago, and last night, I again was up all night watching her be restless, and try to clear her nose all night. Also was told in my numerous visits, she has an ulcer, so on some other meds. She also is being treated for a thyroid problem the last 6 months, and I'm convinced I'm seeing a lot of side effects here that actually relate to that, but vet says no. I know my dog, and I know how she should act. I had a full blood panel done over a week ago, had to go in to find out, after they called and said all was well, that oh, by the way, she is a little dehydrated, and her bun count was high. I am so distraught, and as the only working member in the family due to the economy, and my fiancee being laid off, we have been struggling, bug making it. Sadly though, this means now, even more so that I can't even afford to take her to a great specialist to really get the answers I need, to get the care they will provide, and to pay for the consult, and tests they want to run to help her get better. This little baby is my whole world, after losing my beloved stepdad a few months back with only 3 months of a warning, and then my best friend suddenly 2 months later, I just feel as if I can't take anymore heartache, and I just want to care for my little angel, and the funds are no longer there. I have racked up thousands in vet bills in the last month, and have left checks to cover the balance, which is not the issue, I will pay that off in time, they have been great in that aspect. I just want to be able to afford to take her to the specialist, and putting an end to these sleepless nights for her and I, with no answers, I am just beside myself watching her be in despair. I am a true animal advocate, and have always donated, sponsored, and dedicated time to the local humane societies, and want to help every single animal, and every single person like me right now. It's ironic that I am asking for help, I am embarrassed for just a moment, then the love I have for this little baby overtakes any shame I feel, because I know one day I'll be back on my feet, and be doing the same once again. I ask you from the bottom of my heart, any help would be appreciated, so I can get to the root of what is going on, and do the best I can for this little girl that has given me so very much.
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