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Helping Savannah get a DAD Diabetic Alert Dog to go with her to college to be her "mom's eyes and ears" when she is living on her own.

The story begins in the late 80's when my diabetic best friend was at Texas State for college. On a normal Sunday he and his roommates ordered pizza, while they were waiting Lance went to lay down for a bit and when the pizza arrived and his roommates went to wake him he was dead... This changed my life forever; I had lost my best friend and another relationship in the process of our group grieving and learning how to live with it.

Forward 5 years later and I was the happiest mom to a blonde headed blue eyed little girl..... Healthy, warm, loving, bright....... until at 22 months old she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes like my best friend.

The only thoughts that were in my head was the struggle I had watched my best friend go through for 10 years with shots, testing, food and just plain life. I grieved again for my baby girl and the struggle I knew was ahead of her.

She as grown into a very lovely young lady who deals with her diabetes with grace and diligence and I am very proud of the young women she has become.....

However, as college looms less than a year away I flash back to my friend losing his life at college because he went to sleep with a blood sugar that was too low and died in his sleep.....

My greatest fears are being realized that I will not be across the hall to get up a couple of times each night to check on Savannah as I have done for the past 16 years of her life..... How will I know she is ok....? I will never sleep until I hear her voice each morning saying "Mom, I'm ok, my BG is normal"

Knowing that I won't be able to function long on no sleep I went in search of another alternatives, everything from remote baby monitors, constant blood glucose monitor that could somehow send me numbers real-time, and many other off the wall, out of my head ideas I am too embarrassed to mention here but during that search I came upon a wonderful new tool......
I found Sienna a Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D)
She is trained to detect low and high blood sugars and alert Savannah or medical personnel if necessary. Essentially this dog would be with my daughter at all times as part of the American disabilities act because the dog will be a licensed service dog.

She will sleep with her and monitor her glucose and wake her up if necessary. She will also be able to bring her insulin and monitor to her on command as well as alert her to remind her to test and give insulin.

This dog will be my eyes and ears on my daughter and will take over all the monitoring duties that have been mine for 16 years. Allowing me to sleep and rest knowing sienna is on duty.

The only issue with DAD's are they are expensive and insurance will not help. So anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you for reading our story and we appreciate it if you can help, if you can't we would love your prayers of protection for Savannah as she goes off to College.

Thank you
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