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The family & friends of Jo-e Sutton are uniting to raise money to help Jo-e with medical bills & living expenses for her extensive recovery.

Jo-e will be having a second surgery November 3, 2010 at Cedar Sinai by the amazing Dr. Patrick Rhoten.

"Why?" you ask? A lifetime of back flips and handsprings as a gymnast add a couple of car accidents, with 28 years of repetitive motion as a hairstylist and being a busy mom equals a recipe for some serious spinal injury.

Jo-e's cervical spine (neck) padded itself, (probably with good intentions) with enough calcium deposits in the back of her neck and inside the holes that the nerves pass through, to choke off her nerve supply.

What started as chronic neck and head pain moved down her arms and fingers like searing hot rods until one day, in the middle of a hair cut, her arm felt like it was on fire, literally.

She saw an amazing Neurosurgeon referred by one of her loving and generous clients and he sent her off for an emergency nerve block injection. For three days she waited while her arm burned in pain, even drugs couldn't touch the pain, and well, then... nothing.

Three days later she had surgery on the back of her neck, removing the extensive calcium build up on her spine and around her nerves and four long months later, she is still in too much pain.

Her surgeon sent her for another MRI and found that she had three bulging discs choking off more nerves, arthritis and more bone spurs that need to be removed. On November 3, they will cut off the excess discs, replace them with a strong plastic and bolt it all together with a titanium plate and 6 matching screws.

The additional recovery time will equate to more than 6 months out of work! She's been turned down for disability and her doctors are out of network.

Thank god she drinks a lot of her own green drinks and has such loving friends, or she wouldn't have such a sunny disposition.

Thank you so much for all your love and support.

She lives on your love and prayers. We can't thank you enough.
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