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"Mady's Mission" of walking is not without reach with your Help! All contributions will be solely used for medical & related expenses.

Well the little courageous girl's name this fundraiser is supporting is Madison Schnebolen. We all call her ''Mady''.
She has touched so many lives in the short period of time she's been on this earth, but she has also endured more than most too. As is said for her parents who could not foresee the financial burden they have come to be buried by. We need to come together and help them emotionally and financially. Everyone needs a little help every now & then.

Mady is 22 months old. Shortly after learning to walk, her amazing parents Jenn & Mike started to notice that Mady walked with almost a sort of limp or not normal to say the least . Things just didn't seem right & as parents that's where the investigation began.

After visiting the doctor to try & kick whatever it was in the butt, we recieved heartbreaking news

Mady was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Mady's hip had been dislocated since birth & was only detected a few months after she turned one year old.
Mady's hips also never developed. She has recently had surgery on her hips to try & correct the problem including building both of her hips back up, putting her dislocated hip back in place, and shortening both of her femurs.

Mady was in a full body cast for close to 3 months trying to heal & recover. Doctors were optimistic on the recovery as she looked to be healing very quickly & correctly. They decided that Mady's condition/recovery and was looking good enough to get the cast taking off.
As long as the surgery was a success, with rehab & hardwork she would be just fine, but unfortunately in Mady's case it has not worked out that way.
Families that have dealt with hip dysplasia, know how hard the journey to recovery is & as you get older its just gets less and less likely for you to recover completely. This is something Mady will deal with for the rest of her life.

Mady is back at square one. This has just taken a new prospective on everything. With the medical bills already building up & more surgeries to come, these wonderful parents are at the end of what they can take mentally & financially. They will stay strong for Mady through anything, but this is breaking them in more ways than one.WE NEED TO HELP THEM!

Mady is also blessed with an older sister Elayna who is in the middle of all this & if you guys could just see the way Mady looks at Elayna when she walks, you would know the the precious feeling of the things we take for granted.

Walking something we never think about really, this little girl ''Mady'' dreams about every second of the day. Please everyone help "Support Mady's Mission" to walk again. Virtual hugs, emotional support, financial, etc.
At this point anything will help this amazing little girl & these brave parents get through this part of life a little smoother.

We will also accept checks by mail written to Madyson Schnoebelen. They can be sent to my address for her. I have never met a person that didn't deserve a little bit of help every now and then.
Love can go a long way, Stay tuned for updates as they come.
Thank you for any Support you are willing to give.
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