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Each year, approximately 15,700 parents will hear the words, “your child has cancer”.

Those are the horrifying words our friends Kendra and Viet heard last week after taking their son, Graham, to the doctor. He was formally diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia), which accounts for 20% of all childhood cancer diagnoses. If there is a bright side to this news, it is that ALL is the type of cancer he has, and the treatment and curability rates are exceptionally high.

Regardless of Graham having a “good” type of cancer (if there is such a thing); the toll that this will take on Kendra, Viet, Graham and Graham’s twin brother Locke is unfathomable. Their life now revolves around medicine regimens, chemotherapy treatments, doctors’ appointments, and keeping Graham’s exposure to germs to a minimum…all while also ensuring that Locke’s life changes as little as possible.

A 2011 study by Duke University revealed that patients with cancer, who had health insurance, averaged over $700 in monthly out of pocket medical expenses. I don’t know about you, but our family doesn’t set aside $700/month for a “if one of us gets a life-threatening illness” fund and the Nguyens hadn’t either. Not only are the medical expenses burdensome, but suddenly, everyday tasks become another weight to carry…all while trying to take care of a baby who is very ill.

So, you say you want to help lift some of that burden? Well, try as we might, you and I are unable to cure cancer. We can’t make the problem go away, but what we can do is help support the Nguyen family in ways that alleviate some of the everyday worries, as well as help cover some of their medical expenses, so that they can focus all of their time and energy on helping their little boy fight the disease that’s taken over his body.

Here is a breakout of where the funds will be going:
$160/month house cleaning service
$100/month lawn service
$150/month gift cards (restaurants, gas, parking, etc…)
$100/month groceries
$700/month medical expenses

Total: $1210/month
3-Year Goal Total (rounded-up): $44,000

When broken out over a 36 month period, that works out to 50 people/families committing to giving $25 per month to the fund. Could you forgo a few Starbucks runs or eating out one less time per month and use that money to support a crazy-awesome family who has a child battling cancer? I thought so.

Over time, the needs may change, and we will update the budget accordingly while leaving the Goal Total intact.

Please join us in blessing this incredible family going through unimaginable.

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