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I ask for help to raise money for Larry M. Yeager so he can continue to live. If there are kind and generous people, I could use your help.

My husband has been battling Crohn's Disease most of his adult life. It was in remission but came back with a vengenance. I had taken him to the doctor every week as he got worse and worse but the doctor did nothing but give him some mild antibiotics and said come back in two weeks if it's not better. Even knowing the history of his Crohn's Disease, he did nothing to run tests to find out what was going on. He got so sick that I called an ambulance and had him transported to the hospital. They immediately admitted him and started running tests to discover he had a major case of gangrene. They scheduled him for surgery once the results came back. The surgeon had to cut his stomach, groin, scrotum, rectum, and gave him an Illiostomy. The Illiostomy had to be placed in his upper stomach due to all the gangreen in his bottom area and stomach. All of his incisions had to be left open to continue to drain the gangrene out and the healing process has been a slow and very heart wrenching one. Larry has lost so much weight that he is skeletal and doesn't have the energy to stand or walk without assistance from a walker and cane, then it is only for a very short time. The surgeon said if he had waited one more day, he would be dead. Now he needs to have IV treatments of Remicade that are very expensive if he is to survive and possibly go back in remission. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and we have medical bills from many different doctors anesthesiologist, radiologist, etc.. If he doesn't get the treatments, he will probably get more infections and die. I am embarrassed to have to ask people for help but here I am. I don't want my husband to die. He is only 58 and needs a chance to live. If the treatments work and controls the disease, he may be able to go back in the hospital later this year for another surgery to reverse the Illiostomy and that will cost even more money. I struggle every day to keep my job, take care of him and the house. I am praying there are people out there that are willing and financially able to help give my husband another chance at a life.
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