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Angels in Waiting, is a nonprofit tax-exempt public charity, created by Nurses who are addressing the needs of America’s forsaken children.

Premature births are on the rise. Many of our foster care infants and children are delivered early due to methamphetamines maternal drug consumption. This new population of tiny ones begins their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units within hospitals across America. Our goal is to bring awareness, education and forever loving homes to these little angels. Due to the profound increase of methamphetamine use in pregnant woman, the vast majority of county hospitals drug test mothers and infants for this type of drug abuse. If the mother and/or infant test positive for illicit drugs, the infant is placed into child protective custody and enters into the Foster Care System. As the tiny ones battle for their life with undeveloped organs, many of them also experience brutal drug withdrawals. The constant intubations, poking with needles to draw blood and IV starts do not impart a warm and fuzzy beginning to life. They are often place in unnatural positions on the bed to ensure they don't pull out breathing tubes and are too often not medicated enough for effective pain management. Many micro-preemies will have a four to six month course in a NICU, never knowing whether they're being picked up to be fed or poked for some other painful procedure. They benefit greatly from nurturing home environments once their hospital stay is over, but need tremendous amounts of nursing care, love and early intervention therapy to overcome their conditioning and memories of the “toxic stress” that was necessary to save their tiny lives. Angels in Waiting is dedicated to moving these special little angels into loving homes with Nurses as their foster parents and then onto adoptive homes in which they could recover, grow and thrive; their troubled pasts overshadowed by their hopeful futures. Angels in Waiting understands and teaches the proper course of treatment needed via their web site portals, to enhancing the cognitive, behavioral and psychological outcome of medically fragile and drug exposed foster care preemies and infants. With the proper funding for educational programs, plus the implementation of available assistance programs along with the provision of ongoing support, the attainment of that goal can be greatly increased. Please consider what your contribution can mean to a precious infant who is fighting for survival and now targeted to go into an institution, a group home or an ill educated poorly supported foster home.

The Injured Ones

The injured ones come to us from many counties at all times of day and night when emergency measures need to be taken by people they don't know. They are tossed into the hands of strangers and they are frightened, disoriented and wary. They may have been beaten, burned, tormented or terribly neglected. They may have suffered any number of other atrocious acts. Their birth parents have made bad choices or are victims themselves who cannot move beyond their own inner torment and have no business raising a child. The children come with little or nothing but the clothes on their backs and the painful memories that brought them to this uncertain place - travelers in the system whose futures are uncertain. They are unnamed in the public eye since we cannot tell their stories until they have been adopted. In the meantime, they tell us theirs, as we discover who they are and who they might become with our loving help and guidance. We help them heal physically by changing their dressings and dabbing their crying eyes. We help them heal emotionally by soothing their wounded spirits and building their self-esteem. We help them heal psychologically by providing nurturing homes with positive role models dedicated to improving their quality of life. They come to us one by one and are welcomed into our homes and hearts as worthy recipients of all we have to offer. How Many Angels Must We Send Back To Heaven? Nurses Please Step Up! Please Donate to Angels In Waiting, and Help Save A Childhood!

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