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Frank the beagle's new owner asks for assistance in raising money to pay for Frank's extensive veterinary care as he battles Diabetes.

On May 15, I adopted Frank the beagle from a local Austin family. The following day, I took him in for vaccinations, as he was not current, and within 5 minutes of his arrival home, he began vomiting. A return visit to the vet for antibiotics did not improve his condition and by the weekend, he needed to be hospitalized.

At the time, based on his age (Frank is 7) and physical condition, the vet feared that Frank was perhaps not going to make it. I texted the original owners, informing them of the situation and they assured me that I was more than welcome to return him to them.

Unfortunately, he was in no condition to be returned to anyone. As his new owner, and someone who values life above all else (ask anyone who has seen me shoo a fly outside rather than swat it to death), I was faced with the choice of putting him down, or taking on a potentially large expense.

Further blood work and examination revealed that Frank was suffering severe Pancreatitis and/or Diabetes. The vet laid out the potential costs and I begged her to work with me on a payment plan.

Delightfully, Frank's recovery has been a gradual one and I have seen him become a wonderful, loving part of the family. Unfortunately, his vet care continues to this day and expenses have surpassed even the vet's initial estimate.

I am now behind on rent, utilities, and every other expense as I work feverishly to pay this unexpected expense.

Meanwhile, the original owners refuse to accept any responsibility or show any concern or empathy, saying only that they "would have put him down".

I wish this was a situation where I could simply put it on a credit card, but such options are not available to me due to economical hardships prior to this. I am hopeful that other kindred spirits will feel compelled to "pay it forward", as I have so often done for others, even when I didn't have the cash to spare. I have given til it hurts on many times and am hopeful that this one time that I ask for assistance on behalf of this beautiful animal, that it arrives in time to save me as well.

If you wish to donate to my cause via check or money order, you may make payment to Darren Robbins at 201 W. Elliott St., Ausrtin TX 78753. You can also contact me directly at 512-539-6461 with any questions or comments you may have. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this far and a very heartfelt thanks to those who give from their hearts.
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