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Friends & Family Of Lady are uniting to raise money to help Lady have the surgery she needs..Please show your support !!!

Lady is a family Dog she loves to lick run jump play with her toys & family members & Loves people Till a few weeks ago when some 30 year old guy drives up in front of my friends house & jumps out of a car & starts punching my friends son in the face when Lady heard what was going on she jumped up off her fav. couch & out that screen she went to help one of her masters when she got to them the guy didn't like the fact a dog came after him & he kicked her so hard she flew across the road & broke her shoulder they took her to the vet that night it happen & said she going to need surgery done & it's going to cost about $1000.00 for surgery plus meds & a bunch of other stuff she was like well I'm sorry but I don't have that kind of money the vet said here take this and when you have at least half of the money come back & we will see what we can do for lady so she took her home then a ton of stuff start's we thought for sure Sue the owner of the Lady was going to end back in the hospital with her heart she was so freaked out about it all & she just had a Double By Pass Heart surgery back in Oct. of 2011 but back to Lady then next Monday the dog pound called her asked if she had took lady to the vet & she said yes the night it happen but that wasn't good enough they wanted her to be seen by the county vet by 2pm that day or she will be going to I gave her the $25.00 she needed to take Lady to the county vet & they said she needs surgery just as the other vet said then it was it's going to cost this & that & they need $700.00 down to do the surgery plus it's going to cost more for the meds & stuff after the surgery plus the bills they already got for the night it all happen so my goal is to help this family out & I hope you all will do the same. Thank you & God Bless !!! ****ATT*** Some Good News & some sad News GOOD NEWS They Caught the guy that Hurt Lady !!! SAD NEWS is I had changed the amount of this fundraiser up to $2000.00 Since they have now said it's going to be more then the $1500 + the 324.00 in bills already for the night it happen+ for all the stuff they can't put an amount on due to the fact it's been over 3 weeks & could be more damage done to her shoulder. & everything that comes after the surgery like Check up's after the surgery was not included in the fee's the med's wasn't included into the fee's & a few other things wasn't included into the amount .....Sorry I was not authorized to use a name on her & I did remove it I'm So Sorry I didn't mean anything by using it I do apologize !!! Thank You all for so much Support & Prayers ! God Bless !!!

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