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Requires Neuro-Cranial Reconstruction and Rehab after a hit and run accident,while riding a bicycle in 2008.

Created by Lydiah Nyambura
Location Nyeri, Kenya, Africa
Category Health

Requires Neuro-Cranial Reconstruction and Rehab after a hit and run accident,while riding a bicycle. Charity's family is asking for donations to help her receive surgeries, treatment and eventually, Charity can go back to school.


Charity is 20yrs old, lives in Nyeri, Kenya. She has had a long and heart trenching journey for the last for years, since she had a hit and run while riding her bike. She suffered multiple skull and jaw fractures.
In February 2008, Charity was 16yrs, 2nd yr in High School and in good health. One afternoon she took her bike and went for a ride as she normally did. Little did she know it was the beginning of her tribulations and a long journey. Twenty minutes later, we(family) were called at the nearby hospital to find Charity been wheeled out of the x-ray room in a heavily bandaged head, swollen face and bloody all over. The x-ray reviewed multiple skull and jaw fractures. An emergency operation was performed on her skull. Days later, Charity was transferred to another hospital for specialized jaw operations. The dental surgeon commented later “The operation was like walking over land mines due to the injuries.” charity recovered later and after six months went back to school.


All seemed well until mid 2009 when Charity started complaining of headaches and double vision. A CT-Scan in November 2009 reviewed some fractures and a bone defect in the left front orbital area and a herniated brain, and deformed orbital bony margins (These complications are still there to date). The consultant Neuro Surgeon who reviewed told us the surgeries cannot be done in Kenya due to lack of facilities, expertise and area of defects. He said the only threat for Charity would be Meningitis. He prescribed some antibiotics and Charity went home. “Little did we know what lay ahead for her.” The year ended well and Charity went back to school in January 2010.


on 6th January 2010 Charity went to school with a lot of enthusiasm. On 7th January 2010,she suffered fits and was rushed to hospital. The fits were occurring at almost hourly intervals,she was put in ICU and when the fits subsided,she was transferred to a general ward. She was almost due for discharge and was talking normally and very cheerful, but again little did we know what lay ahead and we would not hear her lovely voice for a long time – to this day. She started to become confused and incoherent,the doctor suspected meningitis and recommended treatment. Unfortunately the hospital did not have the drugs so she was transfered to another hospital. It was confirmed and treatment started immediately. After two weeks,the meningitis cleared and for some reasons,Charity could not talk ,again the doctor confirmed a complication of hydrocephalus which was causing pressure in her head . An emergency again , which required a neurosurgeon from yet another hospital , did the operation and a shunt was perforated in her head. Phew...that said and done we thought everything will be okay for her. Charity suffered a stroke , out went her right leg,hand,face,her vocal chords lost all sounds. We were dumbfounded but soldiered on. Charity was hospitalized from January to end of June 2010. All this time,she was fed via a tube through her nose.


- Charity feeds on blended food and has a bit of difficult while swallowing
- She can not speak
- She is conscious and able to follow command
- She has right side hemipharesis
- Her left side is normal
- She requires neuro-cranial reconstruction of the orbital defect and continued neuron rehabilitation.

The family has consulted Johns Hopkins Hospital and have put the operations at an estimate of $ 500,000.C
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