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This campaign was created to raise medical funding for my 1 year-old kitty who needs surgery to walk again.

Hello Everyone,

Today I am writing to all of you today about my cat, Togusa. He is a 16 month old orange tabby I rescued from the shelter last January, and this week he broke his femur just below the hip. We don't know how it happened, but he was in a considerable amount of pain. At first I thought he may dislocated a bone or sprained a ankle, but never imaged the severity of the situation. Once he calmed down enough so I could pick him up, at the recommendation of my regular vet I took him to the animal hospital. There, after conducting several x-rays, the attending physician determined he had indeed suffered the broken femur.

Although many of you have never met Togusa, I will tell you of the immense joy and happiness he has brought not only into my life but of all who know him. He is truly an exceptional cat, who, until now, perceived the world as nothing but a place of playful innocence. Yet, even in his current deteriorated and lame state, he still excels at being incredibly cute and routinely puts a smile on my face.

I am administering pain-killers to him twice daily, and trying to keep his activity to a minimum.

The recommended treatment for Togusa's injury is a femoral head and neck ostectomy, or, in other words, to remove the head of the femur entirely and create a pseudo joint from muscle and ligament. This will not return his full range of motion, but it will enable him to walk, and even jump, again.

I have weighed my options about what to do, and, when all is said and done, the above described surgery is the best thing for Togusa and his future quality of life. There are other surgeries involving implants that could be preformed which could restore his range of motion to a greater degree, but they are more costly and have a far greater risk of complications. I could also do nothing, and keep him on pain-killers and confined to a cage for the next four months while scar tissue forms, but he will likely experience pain and difficulty walking for the rest of his life.

The cost of surgery is around $2500. I have started a this campaign to raise the funds to cover this portion of the medical expense. Although there is no opportune time for a broken hip, this one comes at a particularly bad moment for my family. I here ask each of you to please consider making a contribution.

There is a lot of suffering in this world, and the troubles of one cat may seem small and insignificant, but he's my little orange guy and I am going to get him this surgery one way or another.

My deepest thanks and gratitude.
Please find it in your heart to help GetTogusa Back on His Feet.

Sincerely Yours,


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