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Rheagen has been fighting his 2nd battle with kidney cancer for the last 6 months he and Mommy will remain in Seattle until the end of therapy, Jan.'11. our mission is to ensure transportation for visits with his brothers and father.

Help him "teach that Cancer Bug a lesson!"

pediatric Cancer is does more than devestate families, it takes a childs right to innocence and robs them of a childhood

 As many of you know, Rheagen is an active 5 year -old with a loving a smile that is contagious. he is full of personality and love of life. Rheagen is a little earth angel. When Rheagen was 4, he was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor As a result, just days after diagnosis, one of his kidneys had to be removed. True to his nature, with sheer determination he was able to overcome the illness. Just in time for christmas his chemo therapy was complete,he was proud to get back to his role as the big brother to his 2 and 1 yr old brothers, colton and trevin. He had his 5th birthday in febuary and combined the victory and birthday unfortunatly he relapsed just 3 months post treatment, tumor developed outside the kidney area and had completely enveloped his torso. diagnosed stage 4, inoperable and diffused anaplasia his tumors couldnt be removed, in hopes of shrinking the mass' he has been undergoing intensive treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. rheagen has been nothing less than a trooper. While routine chemo, radiation, accessing and deaccessing his port ( a painful expieence) blood & platelet transfusions, daily shots, CAT scans, and kidney tests ( just to share a few) are new constants in his life, he comes through the experiences a bit exhausted, but his lively, loving spirit still shines through. Rheagen's smile brings pure joy to everyone that he meets. As Rheagen walks through the pediatric oncology floor, the nurses, doctors, and anyone within eyesight stops what they are doing to greet him, because he radiates sweetness and love, and frankly he is just adorable! If you are fortunate enough to spend time with her, you know exactly what I mean. By the way, Rheagen's greatest source of joy is his time with his 2 and 4 year old brothers, also earth angels, the best playmates a brother could have! The Robinson family handles this experience with a strength and grace that is truly amazing. The family has not asked for financial support, however, many of us simply want to help in some way, as they have supported others with out hesitation time and time again. The bills for daily living expenses at the family home in tacoma combined with the make shift home in seattle combined with transportation cost and the time lost duringtreatment have reached a staggering $400,000 and will continue to accumulate for months. The life changing diagnosis of childhood cancer and the process of cancer treatment at a hospital an hour from home can feel isolating at times. to make things even more difficult the only vehicle, used for medical appointments and visits with family and freinds has broken down. now the family is seperated for days at a time during treatments, when they need eachother the very most. The simple task of grocerey shopping presents a major challenge for the entire family. without our support during the course of thesetreatments there is no way for the family to secure safe transportation. Your contribution is the only means of help to ease the Robinson’s financial burden. It also reminds them that they are loved and part of a community of people who care. Each one of you are angels to Rheagen and the entire Robinson family in return.
Thank you,
a friend of the Robinson family


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