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Lauren is the sweetest and strongest little girl I know. Please make a donation to Lauren's Halo's to help fund her stem cell transplant

On March 15, 2006 my wife was in car accident with four out of our six children. A man that was under the influence ran a red light and hit the car my wife was driving and caused a rollover. Everyone in the car sustained traumatic injuries, laurens were the worst. Lauren's neck broke at C1&C2, she was paralyzed on life support and had cervical halo.  One of smallest halos to ever be made. The neurosurgeon called it an internal decapitation and it is unheard of that anyone could have lived though this type of injury but because she was only 2 yr It was her age that helped her survive. We were advised that we discontinue all life support measures and we were assured that she would  live through  someone else. That was not an option for us, We were guided by our faith and we saw the strength in her and believed she could only get better.  Lauren has had a long hard journey, she is our miracle.  We were blessed with a strong and loving family, gifted surgeons and a caring medical staff. Everyone treated her as their own.  From the accident Lauren sustaned injuries to her spinal cord also causing damage to many organs.  Lauren is suffering from autonomic dysreflexia causing her blood pressure to to elevate very high when she walks, runs, plays and creates significant headaches. She also has a neurogenic bowel and neurogenic bladder with no function .  Lauren has many bone discrepancies from her neck down to her toes causing a great amount of pain and arthritis. She also has a chiari malformation from having a spinal fusion.  A stem cell transplant will get her organs to function better, reverse her spinal cord injury and help heal her tethered spinal cord by regenerating the cells, connecting the nerves and giving her more strength and mobility. The transplant will also eliminate the constant pain and high blood pressure. Lauren's medical overhead is significant and not covered by her insurance. Please help Lauren get her stem cell transplant so her organs can function better and live with less pain live each day as a normal little girl. Thank you for taking a moment to hear Lauren's story.  God Bless each and eveyone.!

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