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The family of Rogelio Campuzano are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Anything helps!

Before the Summer of 2012 Rogelio was your average 17 year old boy. He had spent his first three years in High school playing on his Colony High School Football team and with his junior year now behind him, there was nothing he was more excited for than to begin his Senior year and to get into that Red, White and Blue uniform for one last season.. but unfortunately God had another plan for him.....

On June 23rd 2012 Rogelio went to the mall to begin his school shopping and we noticed the color in his face was flushed. He insisted that everything was ok and that he felt 100% fine but against his mothers better judgement she decided to take him to the emergency room. Once at the emergency room the nurses insisted he was fine and that he must've just had some kind of bug. Call it mothers intuition if you'd like, Rogelios mother demanded that they take a blood pane. At this point myself nor Rogelio really thought it was anything serious. I remember the doctor telling him that there was a possibility that he had Leukemia and Rogelio just said " Gods Good. There's no way he'll let me have leukemia". I mean how can a 17 year old boy who has spent the majority of his life working out and eating healthy have cancer? Well After 5 days of evaluations and bone marrow biopsies, we got the news that we had feared all along... On June 29th,2012 at 4:20 pm Rogelios Doctor walked in the room and gave him his official, without a doubt diagnosis.. My boy had Leukemia.

Rogelio's Battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia officially began the week of 4th of July 2012. He was transferred from Methodist Hospital in Arcadia California to Children's Hospital Los Angeles in Hollywood, CA. This is where the next 6 months of his intense chemotherapy would take place.

With such a serious diagnosis like A.L.L, Rogelio was fully aware that his life was about to change. His hopes of a normal Senior year and playing one last season of the sport he loved so much, were pretty much out the window but still, even after reality settled in, Rogelio maintained being the strong, positive and beautiful spirited boy he had always been. His words to us moments after the doctor left the room after diagnosing him were " Guys! don't be sad! Life is life and jesus loves me. I promise I will be ok!"... After finding out his life was in jeopardy my boy wasn't concerned about himself, he was concerned about us, his family, and how we were going to handle it. 17 years old and the most selfless young man I have ever met.Rogelio became my hero that day.

My family and I weren't too concerned about the cost of treatment because we were under the impression that he was fully covered under health insurance but after two weeks of Insurance adjusters and Speaking with hospital Social Workers we were informed that he did not have the necessary coverage to cover the treatment for his Cancer.

Currently Rogelio Spends about every other week in the hospital for at least 5 days at a time and is in his second month of chemotherapy. But as many are aware, The cost for just one day of Chemotherapy treatment is more than $1000 dollars. Rogelios Mother is a 57 year old woman who for the past 10 years has worked two jobs and Rogelios Father is on Permanent Dissabilty due to a severe knee injury and these kind of expenses are just not realistic for them.

Rogelio is in the battle of his life right now and the mounting medical bills are a worry I would like to take away from him and his parents. I can't change this disease, but I can change how they fight it! Thank you all for your donations, support and most importantly prayers. We do believe in miracles and we pray for one each day.

God Bless you.
The Family of Rogelio Campuzano:
Jesyca, Nikki,Christian and Justin Retana.
Jessica, Joanna and Lupe Jashimoto.
The Bocanegra Family.
Alicia Campuzano
Rogelio Campuzano Sr.

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