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The purpose is to make modifications to our home to take care of Rorri and give her the best life we can surrounded by family and friends.

We are the family of a 38 year old daughter named Rorri, who is profoundly mentally and physically challenged.  My name is Marla Morabito and along with her father, Fred and older sister, Marnie, we are desperately reaching out to family, friends, and any other generous souls asking for help and donations.  Our goal is to bring our daughter back home, to a normal lifestyle that we have created for her.  All funds will be placed in a Supplemental Needs Trust Fund solely for her benefit and well-being; these are above the limited amount given from governmental programs.  She is currently in a nursing home facility and receives limited care and medical treatment.  We have to provide the companionship and advocacies for her by staying with her at the nursing home around the clock.  This has put a great strain, both physically and mentally on us all.

Please read the rest of our story about Rorri to see what has transpired, since May 18th 2013, when she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Thank you and God bless.

Marla, Fred and Marnie.

From the moment Rorri was born it was clear that she would face a lifelong battle of challenges and hurtles. Rorri was born as a preemie and was unable to thrive.  The hospital was unable to diagnose her condition and the doctors still were unable to tell us why she was having difficulty failing to thrive.   We were determined to get answers and reached out for help as best we could. Finally with perseverance, we were directed to Boston Children’s Hospital.  They too put Rorri through a series of tests and finally we had some answers.  She had a genetic abnormality, simply said it was an additional piece on her second set of chromosomes that adhered to her “Y” gene.  This meant that Rorri was unique and they had no outlook for us going forward.  So, we made a promise at that time she would not be relegated to a Willowbrooke-like existence and we would do whatever was necessary to ensure that such a marginal quality of life would never be forced upon her.

 From that point on we adjusted our lives around the care and well-being of Rorri. It was our decision and we made it with no reservations. As the years passed, Rorri did well. She attended special needs schools, camps and a day-habilitation facility. There were certainly difficulties along the way, but considering the realities of Rorri's condition, it was a full and worthwhile life as we could have hoped for.
Sadly in May 2013 there was a sudden and dramatic change. Rorri was rushed to the hospital and her diagnosis was extremely grim. She was suffering from viral pneumonia and ARDS – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (all of her organs began shutting down). She was intubated and also given a feeding tube to sustain her vitals. Over the next few weeks it was touch and go, but Rorri is a fighter and pulled through. We thought the crisis had passed and were trying to identify rehab facilities to continue her recovery. Given her condition there were only 3 Long Island facilities that would accept her as a patient. Since Rorri is not able to verbalize even her most basic needs, we cared for her around the clock. I am convinced that if we did not take this action she would not be with us today.
Rorri seemed to be progressing well when in December 2013 we received a distressing call that she was being rushed back to the hospital in cardiac arrest. After a 5 week battle from a relapse of pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and a heart attack, Rorri was ready to return to rehab. Rorri continues to take two steps forward and one backwards. We do not leave her side, we cannot. In our hearts we know that these facilities are not the best environment for her. Without our round the clock support Rorri would not exhibit any improvement and indeed, we fear she would deteriorate.
It has become virtually impossible for the family to continue this Herculean effort of providing hands on care and support at the rehab facility. Physically, financially and emotionally we are drained.  At this point we are not too proud to beg for help. Rorri needs to come home where she can be surrounded by her family and receive the loving care only we can provide.  
In order to bring Rorri home we need to modify our home and make it handicap friendly.  We need a handicap friendly bathroom, a room that can provide the separation for a hospital bed, power for a ventilator and generator  and space for nursing accommodations.  We have the blueprints and plans to make this wish a reality. In the past we received promises of help from State agencies but they never materialized. We pray it will be different this time. Our hope is that you will find it in your heart to consider helping Rorri in any way you can. We cannot imagine another day without Rorri at home where she belongs.  
We will gladly provide you with any documentation you desire to verify any portion of this story. Rorri is such a sweet and caring girl and we just want to make her as happy and comfortable as possible.  Rorri has battled so many struggles her entire life, she deserves a chance for a happy ending for the time she has left to share with her family.

Please find it in your hearts to help make her needs come true and contribute to her Trust Fund. 
Please help by sharing this with as many contacts that you can. Thanks again.

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