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The family and friends of Pamela Gordon are trying to raise money to help her battle cancer. Please show your support.

Hi my name is Nia Pettis,
Please help my mom beat cancer and become a cancer survivor for the rest of her life. surgery is soon and she has a lot of medical expenses as well as home expenses that are piling up. I try to help as much as I can but I am a college student. Every cent counts. My mom has blessed so many people in her life and I pray that even half as many are willing to bless her :)
Thank You.

I am Nia's mom, Pamela Gordon.
Cancer has run rampant in my family and has wiped out most of my relatives on my father's side of the family including my father. Cancer is quite prevalent on my mom's side of the family as well. I should have been looking for it, but I wasn't.

Here I was a very happy mom, wife and just 55 years young with no major medical worries at all. I was just humming along in life when it (to me) came out of no where and hit me, and hit me hard. By the time I figured it out I had stage 3 ovarian cancer which had also spread to what is called the momentum. In this part of my body, the cancer was trapped between my skin and fat layers. This was a blessing because the cancer was unable to get to my heart, stomach, liver, pancearas and other major orgins. This is what probably saved my life. It was in God's plan.

I had blood clots on both my lungs and didn't know it. It was also in God's plan when I did pass out from this, I was visiting a hospital and they were able to discover the clots and save my life. Once the clots were under control, several weeks later, it was time for chemotherapy. I had 9 weeks of chemo which were very successful in shrinking the cancer so it would help my surgery chances.

Surgery was scheduled right away, within 2 weeks. Surgery was estimated to take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours. It was only 9 hours long and very successful. The surgeon said he was very pleased with the results. He said they got all of the cancer removed and my outlook was promising. The surgery team had to give me a full hysterectomy, remove my appendix, gall bladder, my left kidney, the momentum, and my belly button. They had to insert 8 retention bars about an 1' apart vertically from right under my breast all the way to the end of my stomach.

I was in intensive care for 2 weeks and then a step-down unit for about 2 weeks. Although I had several setbacks throughout that time, I was getting better and stronger each day. I had several tubes everywhere including my nose, drainage bags. The retention bars (which were put there to keep me from busting open the internal sutures) were digging into my skin and causing small gashes and pain. So if I had to withstand the lesser of two evils to heal, I dealt with it. I had to endure this for 6 weeks.

When I was finally able to go home to finish recuperating, I was sent home with my PICC line still inserted in my arm and a home care nurse. Apparently I had to be fed 12 hours each night via an IV bag. My nurse did the initial hook up to the IV bag and wound changes, but let me tell you how my family kicked into high gear in taking care of me while I was at home. I was still very dependent and unable to take care of myself.

My daughter, Nia who set up this website to begin with, was a perfect angel in getting our home ready so I function at home. Just the smallest feat, like getting in and out of bed was a production. In addition to being a college student, holding down two jobs and making all the meals, she also later took on changing my wound dressing twice a week and sending the pictures to the wound care nurse for instruction.

My husband, Reggie, had to learn how to insert so many cc's of this and so many cc's of that into my feeding bag, and then hooking the bag up to my PICC line and the mini pump, keeping my PICC line open and sterile, etc. He had to dress me and undress me, sometimes practically carry me, and help me to the bathroom at all hours of the night and day. He also had to work during this time. He made sure I had all my medications at hand each day too. These two got the brunt of it because they live with me, but there were many family and friends who also visited, brought us food, books, etc.

I had to go back to work before time. I was only 7 weeks post op and really needed between 8 and 10 weeks post op. Thank God for keeping my job. When I was in the hospital and then later at home, I did not receive any disability checks so I was without a paycheck of any kind for over 3 months. My husband and daughter and friends and family kept us in our home, etc.

We are just trying to stay above water with all the monthly bills and won't be caught up for a long while. Meanwhile all the medical bills are pouring in. I would like to pay off my portion of my medical bills and possibly help my daughter get a used car. She had actually saved half of the money, but when I got sick, she had to deplete her savings to help us keep lights on and gas on and etc. This will help her tremendously and us too because then we won't have to drop off and pick up three people for work and school everyday. So that is why I extended our cut off date til the end of this year. We really really need and appreciate your donations. Thank you for everything.
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