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CT scan update from Charity

Posted by Renee Bryan on August 17th, 2013


Good morning,

First, I want to start off by saying thank you all so much for your generous donations and taking the time to forward the site to your friends and families. The kindness of everyone has really touched me and I greatly appreciate it.

From the previous update, you all know that I had a CT scan coming up to check the effect chemo has had on the cancerous tumors. My biggest fear going in was a spot on my lung that was found during my stay in the hospital. The spot was only 2mm in size and doing a lung biopsy would have been quite invasive. The doctors told me that this wouldn’t change my  treatment plan and that they would start chemo. If the  spot changed , t meant it reacted to the chemo and that the cancer had metastasized to my lung and would move my staging to IV instead of III.

On 8/15/13 I went and had the scan done at MFA in DC. The radiologist came in while I was still on the CT table and asked if I would like for him to read the scan photos to me instead of waiting for my results when I see my oncologist in a week. I jumped at the offer. The scan showed that the lung spot was still there!  RELIEF. I cried tears of joy. Now, moving on to the tumor in my right breast and the axillary lymph nodes. The tumor in my breast had shrunk by over half of its original size. The tumors in my lymph nodes had done the same, with one down by over three quarters of its original size.

This news was music to my ears. The radiologist gave me a hug and as I left the facility I immediately called my mom and brother. We celebrated this small victory on my road to being cancer free. This makes all of the nausea, pain, exhaustion, and the other awful side effects of chemo worth every minute. I will continue to fight and finish these last 4 cycles of chemotherapy. Thank you all again for your continued support.

Lots of love,

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