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The family and friends of Zack are uniting to raise money to help get Zack new hearing aids. Please show your support!

I am writing on behalf of a sweet, kind, deaf (profound hearing loss) and learning-delayed 5-year old boy named Zack, whom I babysit on occasion. He comes from a single-parent household where meeting financial needs has been a struggle.

Zackary has had the same hearing aids that were first issued to him as a tiny boy and those hearing aids have gone through some wear and tear during a tragic episode in the family's life. The hearing aids have seen better days and even when new molds can be purchased, he still has to grapple with the constant squealing, which he tries repeatedly to re-adjust. I’ve tried recommended online solutions as a work-around, but in the end, the equipment is just old.

This past spring, his school gave him an audio evaluation as part of an effort to give him a pair of new molds. During that evaluation, the specialist recommended that a newer model of hearing aids would help Zackary greatly. Unfortunately, hearing aids are expensive!

The audiologist's recommendations are as follows: "$1350/ear for the Naida S III UP hearing aid, but it could also go up to around 1850/ear for the Naida V model (slightly higher technology). Website for the Phonak’s under products you will see the Naida line. It is the best line available for children with severe hearing loss and is within the same price point as all of the other companies."

Although he does not speak, little Zack does seem to enjoy “hearing” (and feeling vibrations from the speakers). When a fun tune plays on the television, his smile lights the room and he starts to move (dance) to music with his hearing little sister. Of course, his favorite is when the chorus to “Signing Times” plays. He also enjoys watching movies such as “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters Inc” with his sister. Even though his hearing aids squeal, he wants to wear them and he patiently tries to adjust and re-adjust and re-adjust again. In his struggles to make adjustments, he has also accidentally broken the on/off switches on his aids. :(

Zack’s dad works 7 days a week, is not on any financial assistance, and does what needs done to find a way to meet monthly rent, day care for both children, food, diapers, etc, but after all the basic needs are paid for, saving up for new hearing aids has not been possible.

Any toys or clothes that Zack and his sister own are all hand-me-downs from caring and concerned citizens. I think because of this, the children both have the sweetest dispositions, never showing any air of entitlement; they are happy and gracious (and curious) in just getting something.

I am reaching out with the hope that we can raise the funding needed towards getting little Zack a new set of hearing aids (as recommended by the audiologist) so that he can enjoy a new school year of focused learning and hearing

Thank you so much for your generous contributions.

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