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This fundraiser is to raise money to support Myong Hui Tompkins, who has been bravely fighting multiple myeloma for the last five years.

In September 2007, Myong Hui Tompkins was diagnosed with stage III multiple myeloma. Unlike other kinds of cancer, this one--a rare form of bone marrow cancer--has no stage IV. A generation ago, a patient in her condition would have been given months to live. She's stuck around for more than five years, thanks to her indomitable fighting spirit and the extraordinary care of Dr. Sundar Jagannath, one of the premier multiple myeloma specialists in the country. Her treatment has included the drug regimens Thalidomide, Revlamid, Velcade, and stem cell transplants in 2008 and 2012. For nine months in 2009, she was in full remission. For nearly half of 2011, she was in partial remission. But the multiple myeloma kept coming back. This past June, after all other forms of chemotherapy had failed, she was approved for clinical trials of a new drug called Carfilzomib that was about to be approved by the FDA. But the treatment did not work for her. In August, her bone marrow biopsy and PET scans showed that her multiple myeloma concentrations had spread from her spine to her left rib and right collarbone. She decided to discontinue Carfilzomib because it wasn't working and the side effects--she found herself too exhausted to climb a single flight of stairs--were unbearable. Instead, Myong Hui has decided to explore an alternative treatment that has proven successful for multiple myeloma patients in the past: megadoses of intravenous vitamin C twice a week. She is currently in the middle of her first cycle. It's unclear whether the treatment will halt her rapidly advancing cancer, but it has only one side effect--it gives her a boost of energy, which she sorely needs right now. This fundraiser is to finance Myong Hui's high-dose vitamin C treatment (which costs $150 per visit and is not covered by insurance), raise funds for palliative care (which includes regular red blood cell and platelet transfusions) and to pay for outstanding medical expenses (also not covered by insurance) from an emergency hospital stay in December 2011 and her second cell transplant in January of this year. All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated. If you want to send a donation by mail instead, please send checks to: Myong Hui Tompkins, 6 Rochambeau Drive, Apt 6D, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 If you have any questions, you can email Myong Hui's oldest daughter Chi Kim at
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