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This is a fund to help a mother with MS and grande mal seizures with medical bills and clinic fees.

Please, if anyone knows someone that would be willing to help reach this amount let me know or forward the address to them. I am just trying to reach a small amount (very small when you consider that just ONE bill from this past July's hospital trip is $47,552.60) in order to afford my medication and the appointment to get me on a permanent anti-seizure medication prescription since I am pretty certain the appointment will sign off that I am disabled due to my ante-grade amnesia:

My name is Natalie Bush-Maines. I'm a mother of 2 wonderful boys here in GA and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS while I was pregnant with mine and my husband's second son. When I was 2 months pregnant, I suddenly started having vision problems and went to get them checked out. After an MRI and a spinal tap my doctor diagnosed me with MS.

I was immediately put on medication to treat my condition and everything went well for a while. I went back to school like nothing had changed and finished my business degree, gave birth to our second son and started working from home so that I could take care of both boys and still do something with my degree. Everything was going really well for a while.

Shortly after our second son's first birthday however, I suffered my first grande mal seizure. Since I no longer had any insurance and since I recovered fairly quickly (maybe 5 mins) we didn't go to the hospital. It scared me though and I tried everything to get to see a doctor to get things taken care of. Each time I ran into road blocks though.

On July 1st of this year however, everything kind of apparently went downhill. I say apparently cause everything from here on out has to be pieced together from letters my husband wrote me and a journal I now use to write down things that have happened.

July 1st of this year I suffered a massive grande-mal seizure. My husband has told me he is so happy that he turned on the light in our living room that morning. Apparently I hadn't made it to the bed the night before and had passed out on our sofa. When my husband cut on the light to find his keys, he glanced over and saw that I was in a seizure. He immediately called 911 for an ambulance then his mother to come get our boys. I was in the seizure for 10 hours before I came out of it while in the ER. However, while I was recovering from this first seizure, I proceeded to have a 2nd. After I had recovered from this 2nd seizure they moved me into another room and I spent over 2 weeks in the hospital.

Everything since the seizures is really jumbled. Apparently between the 2 of them, there was enough oxygen loss to my brain that it caused me to suffer from ante-grade amnesia. My husband left me a letter starting on July 3rd on during my hospital stay to help me remember things when he wasn't there. Since my return home, I have been keeping a notebook of important information and notes to myself.

I went and spoke to someone about re-filing my disability application on July 26th. Unfortunately there was no confirmation that I am disabled without my follow-up with my MS doctor that wasn't going to happen until October 12th. That was the earliest date that the hospital could get me in to get my anti-seizure medication levels checked while I was in the hospital. I tried calling local clinics and most wouldn't deal with MS.

So, obviously stuck between a rock and a hard place, I waited for my appointment at the MCG MS facility. I kept looking hopefully toward this appointment that would confirm everything in writing for me and was grateful to have patient friends and family that helped myself and my husband during the past few months.

On October 11th however, we received a phone call that caused all our hope to be shattered. The MCG MS clinic called our house asking for my insurance information and stated that without any insurance, my appointment would have to be cancelled. I didn't know what to do during the phone call, I told their office assistant I didn't have any insurance and that my disability processing was held up waiting for them to see me and confirm me as disabled. There was nothing she could do though and when we got off the phone, I broke into tears.

At this point, I have no clue what to do. Every time I go to sleep at night, I wake up and have to grab my notebook that I've been writing in to get caught back up on the most recent things that have happened. Granted, I'm glad I at least am now remembering WHAT happened to me. But it's upsetting to know you're missing 6 months of your life in your memory.

I tried to contact the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America but they don't help with regular appointments. They'll help with MRIs for diagnosis and ways to help keep cool during the summer with vests but this isn't something they have a grant for.

I have managed to find a clinic that will at least do the blood work for a small fee on January 16th. In the mean time, the hospital bills and medication costs are taking their toll on us. Any help that is able to be given would be more than appreciated. Thank you in advance to those that are able to help.

Thankyou to those friends getting this off to a good start. You guys are awesome and have been wonderfully patient since the hospital trip. I can't wait for this trial to be over with.
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