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Hungarian Scout Jamboree to celebrate 100 years of Hungarian scouting. In 2010, between August 5 and 15, the world’s Hungarian scouts are summoned to the 100+ acre Sík Sándor Scout Park, located near the town of Fillmore in western New York Stat

This year commemorates the 100th year of Hungarian Scouting worldwide. Scouting in Hungary began in 1910, a few short years after Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell held the first scout camp at Brownsea Island in England and after the publishing of his book “Scouting for Boys”. Scouting in Hungary flourished in the first half of the century highlighted by the IV. World Scout Jamboree in GödöllÅ‘ near Budapest in 1933.

After World War II, the communists banned the scouting movement in Hungary for the next 40 years. Fortunately, young scout leaders who had escaped the country to Germany and Austria established Hungarian scout troops there and in countries worldwide to further instill in the Hungarian youth service to God, man and country. Learning about Hungarian culture, history and traditions became a key aspect of the movement and still is today for the Hungarian scouts outside the Carpathian Basin. In 1988/89, with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the communist regime, the leaders of the exiled scouts helped reestablish scouting in Hungary by providing training manuals, books and materials, and by organizing leadership training camps for a generation of young men and women who had only heard of the wonders of scouting during its banishment.

Today, the non-profit Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris (HSAE), a worldwide organization separate from the newly established Hungarian scout associations in the former eastern bloc countries of Europe and in Hungary, thrives with a membership of about 4,000 scouts in 70 troops in 11 countries. The organization will celebrate 65 years of scouting in 2010. Except for one modestly paid Executive Secretary, who is charged with the day-to-day administration of the organization, everyone from the Chief Executive Officer down through the ranks of the troop leaders and scoutmasters is a non-paid volunteer. The fruits of their unyielding commitment to the past, present and future success of the organization is their only compensation.

Since the 1950’s, the HSAE has organized a Hungarian Scout Jamboree every five years in the eastern United States or Canada. In 2010, between August 5 and 15, the world’s Hungarian scouts are summoned to the organization’s own 100+ acre Sík Sándor Scout Park, located near the small town of Fillmore in western New York State, for just such a Jamboree. With a theme of “Encompassing the World…100 years of Hungarian Scouting”, more than 600 scouts and leaders will gather for 10 days of fellowship, camaraderie and celebration. They will camp in tents, learn new and practice old scout skills, participate in character building activities, and have the opportunity to make life-long friendships with Hungarian scouts from around the world.
As a non-profit organization, we all know the challenges of raising funds for such endeavors as this Jamboree. The budget for this camp will be nearly $200,000. A majority of the expenses will be met by the HSAE and fees paid by the campers. The balance is sought from the donations of many organizations and kind individuals like you that believe in supporting such worthwhile causes.

More than half the participants in the camp will be between the ages of 10 and 18. A large majority of campers will come from the eastern U.S. and Canada (Boston, Cleveland, New York/New Jersey, Washington D.C., Toronto, Hamilton, and Montreal to name a few). A sizeable group is expected from the western U.S. and Canada (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver). Nearly 100 more will arrive from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Australia. About 50 scouts are expected from our troops in Europe and from Hungary and its surrounding countries with large Hungarian minority populations.

Because of the high cost of transportation, the general worldwide economic difficulties, and to encourage greater participation by scouts from the far reaches of the globe, we are offering a reduced camp fee for those traveling from the west coast and no camp fee for those arriving from outside the U.S. and Canada. This lost income of course makes it more difficult to meet our expenses for programs and food. Also, in the spirit of brothers in scouting, the HSAE will also provide and/or arrange for lodging and touring in the New York City area for a couple of days before or after the camp for those traveling from overseas.

To help balance our budget and to provide the very best program possible for the Hungarian youth, we would like you to consider a donation for funding some of the expenses of the Jamboree. Your gift may be used to meet expenses of the camp at our discretion or it may be directed to cover specific needs, programs or activities such as:
• Camper’s supplies: camp T-shirts, polo shirts, id. badges, camp booklets, and awards.
• Office supplies: copier rental, computer supplies, paper, ink/toner, and camp related publishing.
• Camp improvements and maintenance: to restrooms, roads, shower building, and kitchen facilities.
• Rentals: large sub-camp tents, show stage, sound equipment, lighting, portable restrooms, vans/trucks, refrigeration equipment, and school buses for local outings.
• Utilities: electric, gas/propane, telephone, and garbage disposal. Also, liability insurance.
• Programs: Materials needed for cultural demonstrations (leather, wood, beads, textile material, rope, paint, craft paper, etc.), scout skill activities (carving knives, paint brushes, simple musical instruments, cooking pots and utensils, tools, etc.), sport competitions (sports equipment and balls), and challenge courses (lumber, nails, screws, bolts and other hardware for construction).

A generous donation from you will help ensure the success of the Jamboree. The funds would be used for items that will be in direct use of the campers. It will make preparations more enjoyable knowing that many expenses are covered. It will enhance the experience of each and everyone at the camp who is from the Cleveland area and from elsewhere. It will help make an unforgettable experience for those Hungarian youth visiting us from overseas.

Should you need anymore information regarding this request for funding, I will be pleased to provide it via telephone, fax, email, or in person if necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.



Michael Horvath
2010 Hungarian Scout Jamboree Camp Director

440/582-1233 phone

440/237-0135 fax


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