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I lay here praying and dreaming of the day I can get my Stem Cell Treatment, and begin living a new life with your Love and help.

My name is Tammy Pickett
For fourteen years I've suffered with the dreaded disease, Multiple Sclerosis. My first symptoms began at the age of 17, right before my prom. I awoke one morning in terror to find that my legs were partially paralyzed. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis only after many attempts to find out what could be wrong with me. At the beginning stages of my disease I thought I wouldn't get any worst than needing my walker now and then, I married and had a child but the stress of the pregnancy and a bad marriage eventually led me to my present state of doom. Doctors began treating me with MS injections and pills in trying to slow down the relapse, but nothing worked. I am now a cripple and struggle through each day feeling as though I am a living corpse. For 17 years I was able to live a normal life, but now I need someone to do everything for me and I can't begin to tell you how horrible this is. I have lost control of all voluntary bodily functions and my hands and head stay shaking uncontrollably because of the severe tremors caused by my MS. My legs cramp up and stay bent and twisted due to the spasicity in my now atrophied muscles which have shrunk me down to under 90 pounds. After researching stem cell treatment carefully ,I know it is my only chance to live again. The testimonies of people that had the treatment sound nothing short of miraculous. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss being able to do the most simplest of things that we all take for granted. I missed out on taking care of my child as a baby but I sure look forward to hugging him and kissing him once these arms and head stop shaking enough to allow me to do so. I need to go to Panama and get stem cell treatment more than anything in this world and the only thing stopping me is the cost. I ask you to answer my prayers and please give to help me have a life again. I promise you will be forever blessed and cherished in my heart and soul and all that is love and positive. If you would like to stay in touch with me please do. I want and need all the love and friendship I can get. God Bless You
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