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Help us to break ground on a clean water well for a rural Maasai village near Monduli, Tanzania.

Please check out our video, which you can find to the left.

We recently were blessed to spend some time with a Maasai tribe near Monduli, Tanzania. We saw two very memorable things, the incredible will of the Maasai people to protect their ancient ways and the utter desperation that extreme poverty and minimal resources can bring. We are using Give Forward to bring you a call for help from the Maasai and a clean water well to the village that touched us so deeply. Our friends in the village of 600 people get their water from a mud hole that they share with their beloved cattle. The water source is contaminated and is leading to serious health issues for this remote village facing extreme poverty. We witnessed children with rotting teeth, vision issues, and diarrheal diseases. We also witnessed an incredibly tight-knit community defending its ways and unique culture. The Maasai have long been a nomadic people, but are now being forced to tie themselves to designated land. Clean water is a fundamental necessity that will not be possible until we raise the money to make it happen.

We have partnered with some other Americans who have visited the same tribe. They have a non-profit that is committed to offering 100% of all donation directly to building the first well. This 501c3 non-profit, Jewelers That Care ( ), is not taking any money for administration until the first well is in the ground and the people have clean water. Then they will arrange trips to the village to leverage future funding for the village. We believe in and trust our friends, Alethe Clementson and Anthony Milinga, at Jewelers That Care. They are the right people to make sure this happens. Luke has worked with non-profits and international health agencies long enough now to know when an organization is reaching the people or when it is serving itself. Jewelers That Care is doing it right! Luke is pleased to be serving on the Advisory Board to personally oversee the work of the partners in Tanzania.

We are already on the road to raising the $28,000 we need to complete the well. We would like to use the $2000 we raise here, at GiveForward, to pay for the groundbreaking. We are getting close to reaching the threshold we need to start the project.

Please give what you can and know that your money will go directly to people who truly need it.

Why is clean water important?
A lack of clean water sanitation leads to a wide range of potential diseases. These include diarrhea from drinking contaminated water, Cholera, Tyhoid, Yellow Fever, River Blindness, Sleeping Sickness, Guinea worm, Trachoma, and Scrabies. Most importantly dirty water is often the cause of ordinary childhood diarrhea, a leading killer of African Children. In addition, Malaria accounts for a high percentage of deaths and spreads rapid through contaminated water sources. Generally the women and children can spend up to six hours daily just to fetch enough water for their family, the same source of well water that is contaminated with Parasites and other waterborne diseases. Since there is a shortage of water, they are sharing the same water locale with animals that also drink and fester in it. Sadly the water carries deadly ingredients of volcanic soil as well that seeps into the water and causes horrifying affects to the teeth.

Please give what you can to help us improve the health of the Maasai people, so that they can protect the vitality of their unique culture.

Luke and Sarah Entrup
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