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Help us raise money for medical expenses for Edwin! He has always been such a great support to his friends, always an ear to listen to, always a shoulder to cry on, a friend to have fun with Let\'s show him that our heart is as big as his!

My husband and I moved to Alabama 6 years ago and like anyone in a new town, we went driving around to check out the new place.  We passed by a shop and decided to go in.  That is where we met Edwin. We immediately became close friends.

Edwin is one in a billion. He is funny and sincere.  He is a good person with a kind heart.  He is one of those people that other people are drawn to.  Just ask any of his numerous friends and they will tell you.   Edwin is the type of person who if you called and said your car was broke down in Alaska, he would drop everything and come to get you in a heartbeat.

For the past couple of years he has been working as a manager at a hotel. During that time, he has battled with his weight and through diet and exercise was able to lose 150 lbs. That takes a lot of strength and will power!

John drove down to see Edwin in February (we had moved to Texas a year ago but continued our relationship with him) and celebrated Edwin's belated birthday.  Edwin had a cold, but it was nothing serious.

Edwin started taking Zicam, and when that didn't help, he went to the doctor who told him he needed to take a week off from work.  Edwin got worse, and his father drove him down to the ER.  The ER doctor told him that he was the sickest patient he had ever seen.

Edwin was admitted into ICU under critical condition. He had developed pneumonia.  Did you know that your right lung has three lobes, your left has two?  Edwin had fluid in all five.  He had also had ARF. Acute respiratory failure this is when a patient's breathing apparatus fails in it's ability to maintain arterial blood gases within normal range.  The doctors put a BiPAP venilator on him, but he continued to get worse.  Edwin developed a form of ARDS (actue respiratory distress syndrome) and had a venilator put down  his throat and a diprivan drip was started to keep him calm and relaxed so his body could heal, they also restrained his hands.

John and I found out that he was in the hospital on March 5th, a week and a half after he had been in there.  We sent out numerous e-mails to friends and family asking them to pray for him (Edwin's family and friends had sent out prayer requests as well).  We learned that over the weekend the doctors feared he that he might not make it.  On Tuesday they lessened the diprivan drip and as Edwin slowly became a little more conscious, he slowly worked at unrestraining his hands.  After his hands were freed, he pulled the venilator out of his throat. He was then put on an oxymizor to let the nurses know when his oxygen levels went below 90.  On Wednesday he ate ice cream. John and I were finally able to see him on Thursday (the hospital pictures that are on this page are from our visit with him).  The following day he was released to a regular hospital room.

At this time his doctors are taking his progression day by day.

When I started looking into this site initially I was looking for donations to help pay for his medical bills and possibly his funeral expenses  But silly me, I should have know what a fighter Edwin truly is.

We would like to thank all the people across the nation for keeping Edwin in their prayers. The majority of these people didn't even know Edwin. We would also like to thank the special prayer Eddie said for his son.

Edwin has medical insurance but he needs help paying for what his insurance won't cover.  Anything is appreciated.

"Act as if something make a difference.  It does."  -William James


We love you Buddy!



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