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Gideon and Kayla are twins who we rescued.

Gideon recently had surgery and it was learned that he had a melanoma nodule removed. We don't know if he has any other spots or not, but he acts the same way he always has-goofy and playful.

Kayla has not had surgery but both she and Gideon are on medicine for their joints growing older with some arthritis. This unfortunately with the surgery and then Spitfire's over night stay at the vet has put us way behind and in a bind. Our two dogs and two cats, the other cat is Jaycee, are not just pets but are part of our family. They greet us happily when we come home and make us laugh at the same time.

We are a family that loves to give to others, but at this time we are in need of assistance. If you can help, any help would be much appreciated.
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