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Kris has had physical health issues for many years. She has found it increasingly difficult take care of medical expenses and other bills.

For those of you who know Kris Gerhard you realize what a selfless and giving person that she is and now Kris needs our help. Kris is a 43 year old who has experienced a traumatic life. Where most would have given up long ago or played a victim of their circumstance Kris has turned her experiences into a life giving to others. Kris spent the latter part of her high school years in Iowa’s dysfunctional foster care system. When most experienced in the foster care system would chose not to return, Kris not only became a foster parent, she focused on accepting children with histories of emotional or developmental disability issues.
Kris is the youngest of three children. At the age of 26, her oldest brother died as a result of a homicide. Six years later, she lost her remaining brother in an accident. In 2002, her beloved father was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly thereafter.
Even during all of this personal tragedy, Kris’ sole focus has been bettering the lives of others. She has committed her life to working with individuals with Autism, Asperger syndrome, substance abuse issues and chronic mental illness. She has given all of herself for others and is the last person to ask for help. That is why a small group of her friends are seeking support from other friends and individuals who have had the blessing of knowing such a selfless person.
Here is a synopsis of her medical issues:
-Approximately in 1999 Kris who was a former avid runner experienced extreme weight gain and other medical issues. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.
-In approximately 2000 Kris had an adrenal gland removed. The Iowa hospital failed to open her IV to receive pain meds and antibiotics resulting in her wound having to be opened and packed resulting in a 9 month recovery. Kris physical issues resolved and she lost weight for a period of time.
-By 2002 Kris’ weight shot up once again and it is suspected that the Cushing’s disease tumor removal was not successful.
-Kris had to contact a senator’s office to find a health insurance policy that would accept her.
-2009, Kris who never thought she would live to see 40 purchased a home.
-2010 Kris realized her dream and became a foster parent.
-2010 Kris was hospitalized for a 1’ X 6’’ wound on stomach. First thought to be a flesh eating disease was later diagnosed with pyoderma gangrenosum.
-2012 Kris’ pyoderma gangrenosum is suspected to have internalized to her lungs causing pneumonia and severe joint pain. Kris is on oxygen and physical therapy has been discontinued due to no progress. -Kris could no longer care for two of her foster children due to poor health.
-Kris has been unable to work the majority of 2012. She is in a job that has no paid time off and has no health care/benefits through employment
-Kris’ health care bills for the last 18 months are $19,000 AFTER health insurance has paid.
-Medical organizations are now threatening to deny access to her medical providers due to the $19,000.
-Kris’ primary medical doctor has recommended that Kris go to Mayo Clinic as the lung condition appears to be a separate unknown autoimmune disorder from the Cushing’s’ or Pyoderma gangrenosum. Kris is experiencing additional physical problems including sever joint pain, swelling of her left side, fatigue, numbness in her hips and legs, etc and her physician cannot determine the cause increasing the urgency to get into Mayo.
-Kris’ has an outstanding bill at Mayo from 2000 and on 5/3/12 Mayo informed Kris that they refuse to schedule any appointments until the bill is resolved.

Kris’ has been informed by her physician that she needs to apply for disability. But those of us in the human services field know that is a process that can take up to four years. Kris’ will most likely not take that long; however it is highly probable that it would at least take a year minimum. Kris would have no income to pay her mortgage, utilities, insurance or any other bills as she would not have income during the disability process.

Much to her disapproval (when we tell her what we have done), a small group of friends want to share this information with Kris’ other friends, acquaintances and others who appreciate a strong human spirit who does nothing but give to others.

We are asking that those who want and have the ability to donate to please do so to reduce Kris’ medical bills and allow her to receive the medical care she needs. In addition, donations will use to help pay for living expenses so Kris and her daughter Michelle can maintain their home.

Even the smallest donation is appreciated. Kris has always given to others without thought or consideration. We hope others will recognize this most kind human attribute and help her in her time of need.

You can donate to this site or send to:

Friends of Kris Gerhard
c/o Greater Iowa Credit Union
801 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010-6914
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