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Maui needs surgery!. Please join the Team Maui community to help us save her leg and get her feet back on the ground.

Hello, Welcome & thank you to all for visiting the Team Maui site! This page is dedicated to my tiny, four pound beautiful baby, Maui. Six weeks ago I had a guest over to my house and I was holding her in my arms as i walked outside to greet them. Maui was very excited and curious as she always is and wanted down. I bent over to let her down easily and as anxious as she was she leaped the rest of the distance only to fall onto the pavement. Maui broke her radius and ulna in her front left leg.

I immediately took her to the local vet where they told me the compound break she suffered was very difficult to heal and she would need surgery to place plates and screws into the bone. Unfortunately, I am an 18 year old college student and I do not have the 3000$ to give her this treatment. Therefore I had to settle for the more affordable option, plan B which was to put her under, have the bones aligned and a splint placed on the leg. The vet told me there was three ways this could go, it could heal fine, it could heal crooked, or it may not heal at all.

After six weeks of high calcium canned food, a lot of cuddle time and not enough play, which we thought would help heal her, we returned to the vet to get x-rays of the final product and we found out she is still in as bad of shape as she was the day she broke it. There is not pressure between the bones, so absolutely no heeling or calcification has taken place.

 I'm now faced with a really terrible situation. Maui has to have her surgery to have the plates and pins placed very soon because the bone is being broken down and degrading the longer she has to wait. If we dont raise the money, Maui will have to get her leg amputated. I feel horrible that maui is suffering and that i can't give her the treatment she has to have. So, I am seeking help hoping I can find some angels who will help me help my baby! I've had her since the day she was born, she means the world to me & my family. Seeking help is the last option i have. I found this site & I'm hoping ill be able to work with this amazing organization. Please contact me with any questions, and please donate, we need your help.

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