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Help us raise money for Mary Sutton who is battling breast cancer a second time. Please show your support in every way, she needs it!

In 2009, Mary Sutton, was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one had seen this coming, but with her strong will and support from family members and friends she pulled through and put the cancer in remission.
Now in 2012, the cancer has come back and worse than before. In March of 2012, Mary underwent a double mastectomy and had her lymph nodes removed as well. After the surgery she has gone through an extensive amount of recovery to get better just so she could start one of the harshest chemotherapy's out there. The doctors told Mary and her family that she only has about 5 years to live at the most. And because of these odds we have set out to help Mary be able to touch her dreams that she has been unable to grasp with her own hands.
Even though she has been strong and holding on to the life she has, Mary has been growing weary of the treatments and the damages done to her body. She is constantly fatigued and in pain and because of this she has been going through an even tougher time emotionally with talk of wanting to give up. With the physical and emotional pain and her lack of finances, she never goes out to enjoy the world around her and take in what life has to offer. The only trips she makes outside of home have turned into doctor's appointments and hospital visits. Right now Mary lives with her brother, Stan, who has medical issues of his own. She has been taking care of him throughout the entire time she has had cancer as well as years before she was first diagnosed. Even with the emotional support and encouragement from loved ones, her sickness seems to be getting the best of her emotionally even more than ever. Mary has given back to so many people throughout her life and to be diagnosed a second time with breast cancer in stage 3, only makes life harder for such a loving caring woman. She has never held back from helping out another person when in need, even though she has never had the finances to be able to give back to herself.
With help from others I know that we can give Mary a chance to see her dreams come true. Like paying for some medications, paying off her debts, seeing the Grand Canyon in Arizona, a day in a spa to be pampered and help relax her, going to the Rocky Mountains, and touching the red woods in California. And with a little help these dreams could become a reality for Mary.
I know that if she were to be able to do this and to see the amount of people out there that care and understand what she is going through, someday soon that her spirits would be lifted and her will to push on will come back full force. Thank you to those who have listened to Mary's story. And if you decide to donate, our thank you would hardly be enough to show how much we appreciate your care and concern. And don't forget that your prayers and wishes are always welcome.
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