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Family and friends of tennis coach TJ Harvey are uniting in his battle against cancer. Please "move your feet" and show your support!

Beloved tennis coach TJ Harvey is facing an opponent fiercer than Federer, nastier than Nadal.

TJ has invasive bladder cancer. He needs chemotherapy and possibly surgery that can keep him out of work for months, potentially including the lucrative summer season. Due to his part-time status at the indoor tennis club, TJ has NO HEALTH INSURANCE through work.

TJ’s heart is as big as his topspin. If you know TJ, no words are needed. And if you don’t know him, none are good enough to describe him. To his players, he is both a dedicated teacher and a loyal friend. NOBODY does it like TJ.

You thank your lucky stars you ever crossed paths with him. The way he gives you bear hugs when he hasn’t seen you in a while. Yup — men, too. Or that clasp around the neck. How the minute you make a little mistake, he’s bounding over to you to take advantage of that “teachable moment.”

When you make a spin shot that confounds your opponents, you whisper ‘thank you, T.’ His mantra rings in your ears. “Move your feet.” He’s become part of all of us, so that even if his illness has not touched our own bodies it’s touched our selves.

When it looked like TJ was going to lose his job, all he cared about was keeping his group together. His allegiance to his players was always first; his compensation, secondary.

What kind of tennis coach has groupies? Anyone who’s ever taken a lesson from him says, “Wow!” You learn more in one hour than from years of lessons with other teachers. That’s because many coaches don’t want you to get better. Then you don’t need them anymore. TJ doesn’t think like that. Nothing makes him prouder than to see his students improve. Many coaches don’t like to teach adults because they think they are stuck in their ways. Our coach prefers teaching adults, because we can appreciate the sophisticated language and concepts that he uses to help us with our mechanics and strategy.

Do you know about one of TJ’s former players, Conrad? He was a gentle, stately man who loved to play. When Conrad had a stroke and significant memory loss, TJ visited him EVERY day in the hospital with lively descriptions of forehands and backhands and stories about his favorite partners. Does that sound like an ordinary tennis coach to you?

TJ has spent his life helping others. He deserves our help now, any way we can. Please, give generously. From the heart. Just like TJ.

If you’d like to send a check instead of donating online, you can do so by sending it to:

TJ Harvey
34 7th Avenue South
Huntington Station, NY 11746
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