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Recovery fund for Maureen Bober, the funds will be used for all debt that has occurred due to her inability to work and support herself.

Maureen has successfully battled breast cancer for 10 years. She is fighting her third recurrence, as well as trying to stay on top of her medical bills and everyday living expenses. Unable to work she is asking for financial help again. She has metastatic breast cancer and will be receiving chemo for sometime. She is a survivor! Learn more about her at Change Alive -- a blog created to 1) help raise funds to cover treatment expenses and 2) share what she's learning through this journey to wellness.
In Maureen's own words: My battle began in September of 2000, when I felt a lump, not expecting at all that it would become the scariest and most important challenge of my life. When you're diagnosed with cancer your whole life changes...until that moment, you really have no idea how much. After being diagnosed, I underwent a double mastectomy , as well as chemo and radiation. I recovered after one year, with much help and support from my family and friends in Losangeles. Seven years cancer-free, I was again told I had cancer. This time, it had gone from my breast into my left lung, the doctors now calling it metastatic cancer (meaning it is now in my bloodstream and not curable; but, it can be managed via chemo). After clearing my lungs, I had 16 more months of a very heavy-duty chemotherapy program. It was even tougher than the first time (and I thought that was tough). Somehow my body is strong. It withstands a whole lot, and because of that I am able to tolerate the chemo.My family came thru for me and helped me in a great way financially , could not of made it with them. Three years passed. In April 2008, I was happily working at a wonderful job in Los Angeles...really feeling like I was getting my life back again. I was on top of the world!!!! My son was graduating  from College. Yet, I began to feel something in my back, and knew it wasn't right. I went to my oncologist...and, well, the rest is history. Or at least my story. I am currently undergoing chemo again at a wonderful facility, Northwestern Medical Hospital, and have moved to a new facility, Dr. Madje and happy to say that she is a wonderful doctor.
Unfortunately cancer has a way of really messing up your life in so many ways. Financially I am really struggling and need to ask for help. I do the best I can to support myself. Bills need to be paid, and even having cancer does not stop that from happening.  I've also have been blessed to have had help from my family and others in the past. The worst part for me of having cancer is the need to continually ask for help from others. One day, I hope to give back in some way to others in need. I have been talking a lot about finding a way to help people like me. That is my focus even today as I fight my cancer.
Maureen Bober
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