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We are trying to save the live of the sweetest dog we have ever met. Roxy has liver problems and needs costly care and treatment ASAP.

Roxy came to us as a last ditch effort to save her life. I just happened to hear a gentleman I do some work with one Friday afternoon say that he had to put his American Staffordshire Terrier down the next morning because he had to move and could not find a place that would allow him to bring her. He could not find a shelter to take her because they were all full. He said that his daughter had her since she was a pup and that she was a really good dog. I asked him not to put her down and that I would find somebody to take her. That weekend I tried to find a shelter myself and had no luck, but the gentleman said I had until Monday to get her off of the property. Monday afternoon on my way home, I picked up skinny little Roxy and headed home with her. I decided to stop in town just before I got home to warn my wife of the visitor coming. When I called and told her I had company and it had 4 legs there was dead silence, she than said “This is not a reality TV show, I will be at my moms and when the dog is gone I will be home” and hung up. The next night when I got home she had Roxy on her lap, and she slept with us that night.

We still planned to find her a new home because we already had 1 Pit bull puppy and 2 Pugs. We had several people interested in Roxy but decided since she was such a good dog, that we were going to keep her. This was all taking place over the holidays and so the first week in January we took Roxy to the vet for her shots and discovered that she had heartworm. There was no way we could afford the $1600 the vet wanted to treat her so the vet suggested another alternative, to put Roxy on a heartworm preventive year round, and antibiotics for 1 month-4 times a year. So that is where things have been for the last 9 months until I brought Roxy into the vet to have a growth looked at between the pads of her paw. It was determined that we would have it removed a couple of days later and set up the appointment. On the morning of the surgery she was given a blood test before she was put under anesthesia and it was discovered that her liver was not working properly and she would not be able to have the surgery on her paw. We have had another blood test to confirm the findings and Roxy now needs an ultra sound ($565.00) and possible liver biopsy ($1500.00) to determine how extensive the damage is and how best to treat her.
Our puppy thinks that Roxy is her mommy and Roxy is very proud of her new adopted baby. She has taught him well and they are inseparable. We are unable to afford the treatment she is in desperate need of, and we are looking for help from anyone out there who can donate financially to help us save her life. She is the best dog we have ever owned and she is worth saving as a companion, step mommy and friend.
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