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This is for puppy Onyx.The funds will be used for neurological tests to diagnose the cause of his life threatening cluster seizures.

About a year ago Onyx became the new member of the family.I had been looking for a playmate for CC (my jack russell terrier girl) and I found a 5 month old puppy on a popular classifieds website.Everything was going great and CC and I were enjoying our days getting to know the little guy.

Well, one night as I sat doing some work on my bed, Onyx, who was laying at my feet began convulsing uncontrollably. I immediately grabbed him and he was foaming at the mouth and paddling his legs. This was his first seizure.I had never seen an animal have a seizure and at that time thought he might have shocked himself on a chord so I thanked God he was ok afterwards and double checked my apartment to puppy proof it.

About a month later it began.It was a normal weekend and I was getting ready to make dinner when Onyx came running and suddenly collapsed and began convulsing again, this time more violently than that first time.He defecated himself and as the drool spilled out his chomping jaws all I could do was to hold him and pray it would stop.It did stop and as I was getting dressed to take him to the emergency vet again he collapsed seizing. I later learned these were cluster seizures.

Watching a beloved dog in the throes of a grand mal seizure is one of the most terrifying scenes you can witness. The seizure begins with contraction of all skeletal muscles and loss of consciousness. The dog usually falls to his side with the legs stretched out and the head back. Sometimes he will vocalize or have facial twitching. Vocalizations are involuntary and do not indicate pain. Often the dog will drool excessively, urinate, defecate or eliminate his anal glands. The tonic portion of the seizure is usually very brief and gives way to the clonic phase of the seizure. Once the clonic phase begins the dog will have rhythmic movements. Typically this consists of clamping the jaws and jerking or running movements of the legs.

Fast forward a year later. He has had these episodes once every month.Each time it has been an emergency visit and it is a very costly ordeal.He has been put on two medications and I have had tests done such as blood work and liver tests but theres only so much a regular vet can do.I am lucky enough to have sympathetic parents who have helped me a great deal paying for all these vet visits.Without their help I don't think Onyx would be with us today.

After months of research and talking with numerous er vets and vets I have learned that for a dog to get cluster seizures at such a young age it is most likely not idiopathic epilepsy (means that there is no identifiable brain abnormality other than seizures) and there is an underlying cause.

My vet referred me to a neurologist because to diagnose the cause is going to require brain imaging and a spinal tap.The cost for these tests is not cheap. Some pet owners opt for managing their dogs seizures with meds and they hope for the best.I cannot in good conscious sit and do nothing.That is why I am here asking for help.He is too young to be a "lets cross our fingers" case.He is a smart and sweet dog and besides the seizures acts normal.I fear that the meds will deteriorate his liver function which they have been shown to do.I can offer graphic design services in exchange for help but finding a vet neurologist who needs design services in my area isn't the easiest task (although Ive asked).

I would like any donations to be paid directly to the vet neurologist in order to instill my good faith in those donating. God Bless and remember to cherish each day you have with your pets.They are truly put here to love us and for us to love them.

I would also like to offer design services to anyone who donates $50 or more.If you do please email me as soon as possible after receipt of donation.For my work examples visit
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