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Jon & Alex found out they can't have children naturally and are trying to raise money for invitro or adoption.

My wife and I both have always had big dreams of having a large family. We got started somewhat late in our lives but were still hopeful to have at least 3 children of our own and then adopt another child later in our lives.
Alex had a horrible tubal pregnancy before we had any children, and one of her tubes had to be removed. After a year of trying we finally found out we were pregnant. At first it became very scary because she started bleeding a lot, and we found out that there was another miscarriage, but very surprised to find out there were two babies, and our precious little Aurelia survived and is now a little over two years old.
Once she was 8 months old we started trying again. More than a year later we FINALLY got pregnant again. We were SO excited and happy, but that was short lived because one day after we found out she started bleeding again. Unfortunately we weren't as lucky with this one, and it was another horrible tubal pregnancy. Luckily the chemo stopped the pregnancy from further growing in her tube and she didn't have to have her last tube removed. The other unfortunate part was that this all happened the first day of my new job and during the ONE MONTH that we didn't have insurance. So as you can imagine the bills racked up quickly after an ER visit, multiple ultrasounds, chemo, and multiple other Doctor visits. Once the baby was out of her tube, we did a test to find out if her tube was blocked because the Doctor was nervous about that. What was supposed to be a somewhat painless easy procedure became an extremely painful horrible procedure for Alex because her tube was indeed very blocked. So blocked that they couldn't even get the dye for the procedure through her tube.
So obviously this means we cannot have children of our own naturally. We first looked into Invitro because we want so badly to have another one of our own children. We knew it was expensive but after looking into it we realized it was not in our budget at all and decided we should look into adoption. Well, after looking into that we were very disappointed to find out that adoption isn't much cheaper than invitro when it's all said and done. This was a huge blow to us as we were thinking adoption was much cheaper than that.
At this point we are still undecided as to which one we are doing. We want another one of our own SO badly, but since Alex is 34 we are running out of time, as invitro becomes less successful after 35, and also more expensive.
It is very hard for us to be asking for help, but we want to give Aurelia siblings so badly that this is the only way we can see this happening right now. We are somewhat desperate at this point and would really appreciate some help!
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