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A Disabled U.S. MARINE needs help. His son is going through an emotional and trying time. Robert Brooks needs $20,000 for custody battle.

Robert Brooks needs some help getting $20,000 in Attorney fees. This could make the difference in whether Robert gets to see his 3 year old son ever again. He is a good man who, at 21, chose to be a responsible father and husband.

Early September, Robert came home to find his wife had left him and had taken their son with her. An argument earlier that day gave her the excuse, but from the evidence she had been planning this for a while.

The divorce is underway (he wants to be fair and have a 50/50 split in custody), but in the mean time Robert must pay $120 just to play with his son for 2 hours a week under supervision. Every meeting ends with his son begging to stay with his dad. He is trying to hold it together and reassure his son everything is going to be alright. Robert has an excellent family law attorney, but he must hire a criminal lawyer to deal with the false charges brought against him.

Just days before their trial, Robert was thrown in jail on false charges. His wife pressed these charges in an attempt to keep him from making his court date and to make her case look better. Others who have reviewed the situation (from police officers, attorneys, and even a Justice of the Peace) say this is unfair and unfounded. While Robert is not perfect, he is certainly not a criminal and should not be treated as one like he currently is, even to the point of being placed under house arrest.

Why this is happening is becoming clear. Robert’s estranged wife’s stepfather is a prominent criminal attorney and her mother is a former county deputy patrol officer who also has worked at the jail. It is the opinion of Robert’s family that, because of her deception and her connections, the system is being manipulated to his wife’s advantage, keeping Robert from seeing his son and causing him financial hardship.

To date, the attorneys fees have been $6500, with an additional $3000-$4000 needed for the family case and $5000 for the criminal case. As a result of the unfounded charges made against him, Robert had to also post a $3000 bond to cover his bail set at $30,000. With all of these fees incurred, his family, who live solely on disability income have borrowed $12,000, which they must pay back.

This is where we come in…..
This second attorney fee is $5,000 to fight the criminal charges (a class A misdemeanor for which the first hearing date will be Nov. 3, 2010). They need this money by Nov. 1. While this is a heavy load for one family to bear alone, it is not too much with enough people helping to scrape it together. If we can do more, let's do more.

Everyone who has seen Robert with his son knows he is loving and caring. Instead of choosing abortion or adoption when he was faced with an unplanned pregnancy, he chose to be a father. His loving Christian family has been and will be behind him to support him and to help him raise a little boy. Robert and his family need to be a major part of his son’s life. This is a pivotal moment in not only Robert's life, but in his son Tyler's life as well.

We need to let Robert know that he is not alone in this. His family, friends, and Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior have not abandoned him. Instead, they will stand by him, support him, and pray for him. Please help support Robert. Even a donation of a couple dollars will let him know that you care. Whether you give generously, just a little, or can't give at all, please pray for Robert and his family.

Thank you. For more details and updates please call Sabrina at 832..215..1807
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