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My beloved cat needs life-saving, pain-alleviating surgery! He has been there for me throughout the past 8 years and he deserves it!


My name is Laura! I am a freelance writer, educator, and environmental advocate. My beloved 8 year-old cat Cokey, has had an ongoing, but intermittent, battle with FLUTDS (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) for the past 2.5 years despite all the medications, special foods, and treatments I have tried. At the end of May, the disease progressed to a blockage in his urethra. This literally means he couldn't pee. If a cat can't pee at least once every 24 hours, he will die of kidney failure and uremia (when urine backs up and starts leaking into their bloodstrem). Despite my efforts to try to have him catheterized and flush everything out, he blocked again in less than 24 hours, this time more severely. The blockage damaged his urethra, which meant he would keep blocking until it killed him. Saving his life, and securing his health and future quality of life, required an emergency $1,500 surgery that removed his penis and widened his urethra to unblock him and prevent subsequent blockages.

To say that I love my cat would be underestimating my feelings. I come from an alcoholic, abusive and now estranged, family. I adopted Cokey in my early 20s, and he has shown me a level of love and support I had not previously experienced from anyone else, human or non-human. He has laid in bed with me for hours or days when I have been sick with my own health issues and recovering from my own surgeries. He has has traveled to, and lived with me, in several different states.

His personality is above reproach. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He has never scratched or bitten anyone, or even growled at them, even when being poked and prodded over sore spots with needles, IVs, and catheters. A vet tech that was charged with monitoring him post-surgery told me, "Usually, when a cat goes through this, they get meaner. But your cat just is so sweet...he just gives head butts and nuzzles."

Cokey deserved this surgery. He deserved to live and live out the extent of his life, as he still has potentially another decade or decade and a half of life in him. The only problem is that the surgery and associated medical costs struck a hard blow to me financially, even with the hospital offering me a sliding scale cost. I hail from a dirt poor family. Even though I've done alright at points in the past, I recently completed graduate school just at the peak of the financial meltdown and record unemployment. Currently, I am on unemployment and have no assets. I do work as a freelance writer when I can, but the current economy and the undercutting of the market for journalism by the internet (free online content), does not allow this to be a viable profession for me at this point. I am currently looking for full-time work as either an environmental advocate or a teacher. To find out more about me, you can check out my website at

Please help! Any little bit helps!

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