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This fundraiser will be toward improving our current housing situation and enabling it handicap accessible and also accessible equipment.

Because I am everyday learning new ways to cope with new disabilities (everything controlled by the Central nervous system > Multiple sclerosis (MS)) I am struggling financially. Can't walk or work and above all think too hard. The state doesn't have many priorities for the young disabled . I am now 34 and have kids that depend on me more than ever. I am unable to go out easily so I am sorry this is the only means of fundraising I am able to do. Along with this disease I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue.


In Oct. 2004 I was diagnosed with Remitting relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. I was 27 yrs old and had an amazing career! I was pretty well off especially being a single mom of a 7 yr old. As years went by multiple sclerosis put me to an eventual dead stop (career speaking) thankfully I was able to go back to work (just part time) and only to file papers (not by choice but advised by Dr.). Guess it was a brief reminder why I should not be working when one day at work I suddenly did not know where I was and nothing and no-one looked familiar, thank God my Mother worked with me because she was the only familiar face. I was doing something with numbers (must have been thinking to hard) that was just for a few minutes. After about 7 months of working I became pregnant. My daughter was now 10 and even though my MS was in remission it could return and maybe worse than before after I had the baby. My neurologist kept informing me that a lot of my MS lesions are in my spine and having a baby could relapse me enough to were I wouldn't walk. It didn't matter at the time my ms was at bay. This was it my last child and that was all that mattered to me. This disease had all ready taken so much from me and MS was not going to interupt my decision. After I had the baby my MS did come back. While I was in the hospital and 2 days after the baby . Since that day I have progressed from a cane to a walker and now a wheelchair. I have stopped driving (I know I can hear you all saying "thank God"lol). I can handle anything this disease throws MY way, except when it comes to my kids. Because of my obvious handicaps I have never been able to go anywhere or even hold the littlest's hand while next to her (now 4 yr old daughter). It breaks my heart when the windows are open and she asks "why can't I go outside?". We have been in the same 2 family house for 6yrs and moved to the bottom apartment, I could no longer go down the steps easily. My landlord within the last 2 yrs and after a lot of renovations is able to accept section 8. I have been on the wait list for 4 yrs they had told me when I applied it would be atleast a 6yr wait. The tenants above us have a young child also and recently put a mini playground (with rubber mulch) in our shared big backyard. I have told them that I appreciate it very much but it goes a lot deeper than that. I am able to not feel as guilty for not being able to bring her to the park. I am struggling financially. I have tried everything. The ms society can help me with the last $300 towards bills and NASCAP can help with the last $500, Catholic Charities is available to use as a first come, first serve basis (if they have the funds). We can't go anywhere and have the same benefits as we do here. Also in the state of Massachusetts the accessible apartments are only limited to a very small amount of 2 bedrooms and I am in need of 3 bedrooms or at least 2 large bedrooms.

I have to make the apartment more accessible as my handicaps are becoming more complicated. I have a scooter that gets me out of the house. I have been able to get to the library but its trying. The scooter sometimes feels shaky and if I go over bumps it feels as if its going to tip over. I got a new wheelchair in September 2011 and it was working great but now my arms are not strong enough to wheel myself. I have to get an electric wheelchair............
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