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You can help save a life. These funds are necessary to cover Michael's medical costs and expenses not paid for by insurance.

Imagine being tethered to tubes and tanks 24 hours a day. Imagine be constantly worried that you will run out of oxygen, the most basic thing that every one of us needs to live.

Meet the love of my life, Michael Brunick. He looks pretty healthy, but his body hides a secret. He has lung disease.

On the outside, Michael looks great, he is charming, handsome and vibrant with an irresistable smile, wonderful sense of humor and warm, sparkling blue eyes.You would think that he leads a healthy active life, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

He has been forced to give up nearly every activity he loves....No more fly fishingby the creek, no more hiking in the hills. He dreams of dancing, he dreams of going back to work.

The slightest activity leaves him gasping for breath even with the oxygen tank always at his side. Mike spends most of his time struggling to do what most of us take for granted....just taking a breath.

Mike was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) in 2003 just months after we started dating. There is no cure and the lung damage cannot be reversed. Late stage COPD is a huge black cloud hanging over his life and has progressively limited his ability to function on a day to day basis. He is now in critical need of a double lung transplant.

In 2010 Mike traveled to Arizona to be evaluated for the transplant. The news was grim. Mike was told by doctors that he would need a double lung transplant, but before he could be listed, he would need a triple bypass. Mike traveled back to South Dakota and had a successful heart bypass surgery in March 2010. Now he is ready for step two of regaining his life.

He needs to move to Arizona to be within two hours of the transplant center before they will list him. After the transplant, he will need to live in Arizona for a minimum of three months to make sure that his body does not reject his new lungs and to make sure that the anti-rejection medications are working correctly.

Funding is needed to pay for expenses, medication and care not covered by his insurance. You can donate on this site and any funds collected will be forwarded directly to an account for Mike's medical expenses at the end of the fund-raising campaign. You can remain anonymous or post your name.

We ask that you help support our cause with a donation and more importantly share Mike’s story with your friends and family to help us reach our goal. Please feel free to share this link on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and email it to friends and family that may be interested in helping.

We are eternally grateful for your encouragement and support. You can contact me directly at if you have questions.

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