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Please assist Paul with his medical & daily living expenses to help alleviate the financial burden.

Greetings All,

   As some of you know, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the end of May 2012. After many inquiries and research, I have put together a team of Doctors and Treatment plan that is best for combating this disease. The medical treatment plan includes a combination of IPT Chemotherapy, Stereotactic Radiation Oncology, and surgery. Along with the medical treatment ,an integral part of my daily living is a strict diet and exercise. My spiritual practice encompasses my daily being and living. It sets purpose and light in this process.....

   At this point, the tumor is about the size of a golf ball on the head of my pancreas. It has not yet metastasized and by all indications is shrinking in size. It is, however, in a precarious position and has grown around an artery. Currently, surgery is not an option. The plan is to continue the chemotherapy treatment, and add radiation treatment, in order to shrink the tumor so it recedes enough from the artery to be surgically removed. For precautionary measures, I will receive a round of chemotherapy after surgery.

  The expert team I have assembled are the best at what they do for pancreatic cancer patients. Many aspects of this treatment plan have been proven in Europe and Mexico to be more effective in combating this aggressive cancer with fewer drugs and side effects. Presently, the FDA has not approved these treatment plans in the US. The FDA states that these treatment plans remain experimental. Therefore, these treatments are not covered under my health insurance plan. Most recently, I have applied for authorization with my insurance company in order to receive Stereotactic Radiation. I was denied. My team of doctors have written two appeals to my insurance company to no avail. I have once last chance to make an appeal to New York state for the radiation treatment.

  My conditions could not be better for combating and healing this disease. The support system I have is wonderful. I have a great family, friends, and comfortable place to live. I feel well loved and protected. These positive energies allow me to enjoy my life. Although I do experience some uncomfortable side effects and feelings associated with my treatments. I remain steadfast and focused on my quality of life. I play golf and music: go out to dinner and even a movie, when there is something worth seeing. I am very passionate about all aspects of my life. Spending time visiting with friends and family are very well appreciated and all that I have in my life are truly blessings and good fortune.

   My inner circles of family and friends have been very kind and generous. I still have a long way to go, I humbly ask for your support financially and emotionally in order to help me get through this life challenging disease. More than anything, I have come to see, is how precious life truly is..... Every breath we take!!!!!

Thank You for your support !!!!

Please pass this along if you are so inclined :-)

If you would like to reach out...........

Love, Paul

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