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Please help us, Sylvester's family, get this remarkable and amazing baby's medications and prescription foods so he can live.

**Update 09/11/11**
Sylvester's tube became infected this week, and he spiked a high fever. He returned to the vet and had his tube pulled, and I do mean "pulled." However, now, he's dealing with an infected stoma, and a systemic infection, and DESPERATELY needs to see a different vet. I have finally located one but we cannot afford his fee. He still is in need of his prescriptions (in particular his appetite stimulant medication), and even more so now that we do not have the feeding tube, and if he does not eat on his own or enough or the right kind of food, we risk him becoming very, very ill again and very quickly. PLEASE if you can help, we would appreciate it so very much, even a little bit would help.

**UPDATE** Sylvester is home now, but he still has his feeding tube, requires prescription food, 8 different medications, and his bill is still climbing. We are at a point now where they will no longer see him because of his outstanding balance and his tube clogs frequently. :( Sylvester really needs your help.

This is Sylvester's story, our amazing cat, and the light in my heart. We recently moved 3 weeks ago, 600 miles from home, and within a week, Sylvester became ill with what we thought was a cold. We sought vet care for him, and after a routine visit and medications to go home with, we took him home. He declined overnight, to the point of the inability to breathe or eat or drink or take his medicines. We returned to the animal hospital the next day, where they promptly admitted him with an over 105 degree fever, put him in an oxygen chamber, and started supportive care with IV fluids and IV antibiotics. What happened next was to the amazement of everyone involved, including the doctors. Over the next few days, his condition deteriorated from an upper respiratory infection to near death. He refused to eat or drink daily, his fever climbed to high ranges, and his general disposition plummeted. It was touch and go most days, while the wonderful doctors tried different medications and formulations, including IV appetite stimulants based on daily lab tests, radiographic studies. Towards the end of the week, with the rapid and steady decline, they discovered in his daily lab work that his liver enzymes had quadrupled since his initial lab work. Sylvester's liver was failing now. His fever was not responding. On Sunday, they decided they HAD to insert an E-tube for feeding. He had that surgery that afternoon. Monday and Tuesday, we were not sure Sylvester was going to make it. We visited daily and on those days, Sylvester would not even move or respond to me at all. His fever was rising. We began having quality of life discussions. The doctors were not ready to give up on Sylvester, and neither were we. They performed an ultrasound and discovered that not only was his liver inflammed, but also his gallbladder and he had developed pancreatitis and his red blood count was dropping daily. They switched his medications around (by this time he was on at least 8). Sylvester's condition turned around within the next few days, and I am ecstatic to say that he is doing very well. He still has a feeding tube, and still requires multiple medications, but he is back to himself. He has captured the heart of everyone at the animal hospital, and particularly in the intensive care unit, where he has spent 98% of his stay. They all love Sylvester, and everyone comments about his amazing nature, strength, loving and affection personality. He is ready to go home in the next couple of days, finally! So, this outstanding little one of mine has beat liver failure, pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, infection. He is a fighter and all involved with his care are astounded he is still with is.

We have already spent a considerable amount of money for his hospital bill and care. Now that it is time for him to come, we have nothing to go towards his final bill. This will keep us from bringing my baby home. He wants to go so badly, and his brother has been deeply depressed and mourning his not being here since he was hospitalized. I have taken a third job to help pay his bill, if they will arrange payments, but they will not do so with nothing towards the bill at all, even when we have paid considerably already on our own. Please, please help us get Sylvester home. He is my inspiration, and my hope, and after all the fighting he has done to stay alive, the least I can do is fight just as hard to get him home, and he deserves to be home. Thank you very much for taking the time to read Sylvester's story.
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