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Family and friends of Ainsley & Lorelei are uniting to help with medical/daily expenses while in the NICU. Thank you!

About Ainsley and Lorelei:

They were born on Monday, July 9, 2012. Ainsley at 10:54pm, weighting 2lb. 3oz. and 14.5in. long. Lorelei at 10:55pm, weighting 2lb. 7oz. and 15in. long. They were born via emergency cesarean section due to placenta abruption after Ainsley's membrane sac ruptured on July 4. During pregnancy Ainsley also had a single umbilical artery (SUA). This can cause low birth weight and problems with the heart and kidneys, to name a few. It is also a marker for down syndrome. Thankfully not in her case. She was estimated to weight 1lb 12-14oz at birth but surprised us by weighting over 2lbs. Shortly after birth she had to be resuscitated. She has slowly be getting better every day. Lorelei has always been the bigger of the two and had a better start than Ainsley until she got an infection. The infection has caused her PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) to reopen. A PDA is an opening between the aorta and pulmonary arteries that causes abnormal blood flow. It can strain the heart, leading to heart failure, and too much blood going into the lungs. This has given her more breathing problems, fluid in her lungs along with lots of water weight, and may be the cause of her enlarged abdomen. She will be getting surgery to close the PDA by the end of August. She also has hypothyroidism. This could be temporary or life lasting. Thryoid problems in premature babies can lead to mental retardation like cerebral palsy. However, we were told she should not be at a higher risk since she has received treatment for it early on.


A little bit about the family:

Mother, Kelle, is a full-time stay-at-home mom. She currently can not focus on anything except for trying to see Ainsley and Lorelei. It is very difficult since the hospital is about 50 miles south from home (taking over an hour) and can very rarely find someone to babysit her other children. Ainsley and Lorelei are her second set of twins, both conceived naturally.

Father, Brian, works hard for his family. He works on a military base, as a civilian, that is about 80 miles north from home, 130 miles from the hospital. Which also makes it very difficult to visit Aisnley and Lorelei.

Siblings, Rhiannon and Konnor, were also born premature at 32 weeks. Currently they are happy healthy 3 year olds, into princess and superheros. They can not wait to play the roles of big sister and big brother. They have been able to visit their little sisters in the NICU twice and are always asking when they can see them again and when the babies are coming home.


How your contribution will help:

All donations given to the family of Ainsley and Lorelei will be used to pay medical and daily expenses. Medical expense include co-pays and fees not covered by insurance. Fees for tests, exams, surgery, doctors, etc. And also daily expanses to help the family take care and visit Ainsley and Lorelei while in the NICU, like gas, food, babysitters, etc.

Any form of help is appreciated, like gift baskets, gift cards, volunteer help, etc. Send these or checks in Kelle Contreras' name to: 11749 Desert Glen St., Adelanto, CA 92301 Or contact her with any questions at

760-987-6316 (PayPal)

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