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Help with Medical expenses for Mady

 By now many of you know Mady's story, but for those who do not here it
is. Late last year our beautiful, lively niece was doing normal 8 year
old girl things, like playing on the softball team with her friends, and
running around the yard with her little sister Makayla, when she started
having terrible hip and back pain. After a while what seemed like normal
growing pains became worrisome symptoms and after a few visits to
Children's hospital of Birmingham Mady and her parents were faced with
the terrifying reality of a diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma. They
were told she had a tumor on her adrenal gland and the plan was after a
few months of chemotherapy they would remove the tumor then work towards a bone marrow transplant. The doctors were very confident they had
caught it early. So treatments went on and the time to remove the tumor
came, and it was a success!! Then on Monday, May 9th our worlds were
shaken again. Mady's scans revealed that her cancer had not responded to
the chemo. She would not have a bone marrow transplant and the only
option was to start a new treatment that is still in the trial stages.
Which brings us to today. Mady, Anthony, Ashley and Makayla are still
facing many trips to Birmingham for treatments. I know many of you have
already donated money, bought shirts and helped in so many amazing
ways!! I would just like to reach out one more time and help ensure that
financial burdens are not a worry for this amazing, strong, Godly family
as they continue their journey. Their faith has brought them all this
far so please continue to keep them in your prayers!! Thank you!

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