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The funds raised for "Sammy", will pay for his hospitilization so that he will be able to come home...Please Help.

I am trying to raise money for my 7 year old terrior mix dog whom only weighs 15 lbs, his name is Sammy. He was brutally attacked this past Wednesday morning, the 15th of February, 2012. He managed to survive this attack that was obviously from a very large dog. He was and still is very traumatized from what he went through, having to have many staples all around his throat, his mouth, around the sides and back of his neck and head. He was just starting to perk up and want to eat, was wagging his tail, drinking chicken broth, even was able to jump up on the couch to sit by me, and then animal control showed up. They actually were going to force us to surrender Sammy to them so they could take him and put him down. With 4 hours of crying and pleading and begging, we asked for an alternative. We were told that if we were able to find an amimal hospital that would keep him and quarantine him for 6 months, we would be able to have him back. But at the cost of $3,000. We just finished putting a child through college and have another going in real soon, we don't know where this money will come from. We just can't put this little guy down. He means the world to our family, but more so because we actually rescued him. He was owned by someone that did not take care of him at all, so we pleaded with that person if we could take him home with us, they allowed us to. He is currently being held at the animal control shelter and is supposed to be transferred tomorrow morning to the animal hopsptal, where they will allow us to come and visit him as much as we like. He is terrified right now not knowing where I am, his Mommy, and wondering why he is in this place with all these loud barking dogs that he's not used to, not to mention the fact that he was severely attacked and the last thing he needs is to be around all these other dogs. He is also supposed to be wearing an E-collar that isn't on him, he is scratching at these staples and losening them from what I am being told, and that is the last thing he needs is to open them and them not be able to treat him because they are saying that he is so traumatized that he won't let anyone near him. This is breaking my heart as well as the rest of my family, and friends as well. We just want Sammy to get out of there and get the proper treatment he desreves after fighting for his life and surviving.
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