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The family and High School friends of Samie Flores are uniting together to raise money to help our dear friend with getting a prosthetic leg

Samie Flores


Samie is a diabetic, and had very bad neuropathy in his left foot, and poor circulation due to diabetes and undiagnosed hypothyroidism. He had a very small blister on his big toe that he couldn't feel due to the diabeties, so it got worse. After LuAnn pleaded with him that it was a big deal he finally allowed her to take him to Baylor. Baylor told him then and there that he would lose his foot, but upon ultrasounds, dopplers, arteiograms, and all kinds of labs. We were shocked but blessed to find out that his left carotid artery was 90% blocked. They did surgery the following day, and he was in ICU for a couple of days. Well, I guess he wore out his welcome there so they discharged him with orders and referrals to go to Parkland. We called and called and tried to get in with the opthamologist, (at Baylor they were worried about putting him under again for the fear of Diabetic Retinalopathy, and him coming out blind
They were able to get all the fluid off, which was 12.5 liters. It was crazy!! Also, they found out that his foot was infected all the way to the heel, so the decision was made to do a below the knee amputation, They really struggled with this as did his main Dr, he had tried so hard to salvage his foot so that he could keep it, we were already in the works for getting a brace and everything to make him more mobile. It was very heartbreaking for all involved. Well, they decided to do the surgery in two stages, they said there were better outcomes this way, they could make sure infection was gone before continuing. The first stage went great they cut right above his ankle, all of a sudden his sugars came under control, no signs of infection what so ever! So, a week goes by and they take him in for the final stage, they took a little more bone, and used his calf muscle to flap it up and close it!!! After the surgery when his epidural wore off it was horrible, the pain was unbearable. As hard as it was to watch it was so good at the same time, he could feel!!!
The doctors released him by the weekend and he went back for 2 check ups, the last one they took his stitches out!! He is healing great!! Now he is going thru so much frustrations and depression. It gets hard to watch and try to console him, but I know it will get better once he can do more for himself.
He has fallen twice since this last surgery, because of his walker getting stuck against the wall in our bathroom. So we are in some need of getting this fixed as well. He can't utilize the shower because of this. Even once he gets a prosthesis he won't be able to wear it when he showers. Right now it takes a bit to set up the front bath, and I still have to help him shower. So, I can fully understand his frustrations, and not being able to do for himself, for even simple tasks can make anyone go into a depression. At our last dr visit they said he was healing great and will have no problem with a prosthetic, the only problem is that he has no insurance, other than what Parkland has provided him, and they have no funding for anything out side of hospital. We have borrowed wheelchairs, until this last month when we were blessed with a brand new one from Edward Gonzales, he had bought it for his gma, and she didn't want it. It has been a great blessing, now he get through all the door ways and in every room except the bathrooms, and uses his walker in those.

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