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Andy Kubiak’s family and friends are uniting to raise money to help with medical expenses. Please show your support!

Andy is a very compassionate, family oriented person. He is a 52 year old husband, father, grandfather and even great grandfather. He is always going out of his way to help those in need. He is devoted to managing the Car Wash for over 20 years, while still finding time for his wife, Edie.
Andy had been experiencing a headache off and on for approximately 2 weeks despite several attempts of over the counter relief. On September 23rd, he decided to visit the doctor to address the headache. The doctor gave him a prescription that should have given him relief.
On Tuesday, September 24th, on his drive to work, he almost felt as if he were drunk. When he made it to work, he called Edie, to tell her of his symptoms. Over the course of the morning, more symptoms started to appear such as, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lack of balance, slurred speech, and cognitive impairment. Edie felt this was serious and needed to be addressed immediately. She rushed to pick him up to take him to the emergency room. The visit to St. Margaret's ER was short lived; after the doctor read the CT scan, he was sure the diagnosis was... a brain tumor. Can you imagine that news? My parents were both terrified and shocked. Andy and Edie were transported via ambulance to UPMC Presbyterian within the hour; this hospital was more qualified for this situation. After making calls to family, the next few days held chaos, worries, and prayers.
A neurosurgeon came to visit Andy to explain the reason for the hasty decision to get him to Presby and under their care. The tumor was clearly defined on the screen, 5 cm. The surgeon continued to explain that he would need surgery to remove the tumor. The next few days were just a waiting game; waiting on answers, waiting on tests, waiting on a decision but most of all waiting on destiny. The surgery would be on Friday, September 27th. He was very positive through this whole process, he joked with the nurses and doctors, he wanted everyone to smile and forget the real reason we were all gathered at the hospital.
Friday was finally here, family members were at the hospital before the sun came up, and my brother came in from New Jersey to support my mom. The surgery was successful and the doctor was pleased with the outcome, Andy was finally in recovery, with no complications and no side effects, this was a huge sigh of relief for everyone. The doctor spoke to Edie and explained the placement of the tumor and the potential risks to follow, also the need for further treatment including radiation and chemotherapy. She was overwhelmed but felt relief that her husband had just made it through one of the most terrifying things anyone could experience, but on the other hand she was worried about the future, their future, his future.
By Monday morning he was feeling great, the doctor had decided to release him from the hospital! Can you believe it? Brain surgery on Friday and home Monday evening! Just before the release from the hospital, the doctor received the pathology report; he came to give Andy the news. The tumor was malignant, he had cancer, the type of tumor that was removed is Glioblastoma; Classified as a Grade IV, a very aggressive, deadly, malignant brain tumor.
As you can imagine, we are all stunned that this has happened to Andy, even more astonished that it all happened so quickly. This has made each and every one of us appreciate what we have and make each moment count.
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