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The Family and Friends of Jacob McCord are helping to raise money for his medical bills. Due to him being Disabled he is unable to work.

Hello World
My Name is Jacob, and I am 28 year olds. I have been living in Houston, TX since November of 2008. While living here I was able to start two businesses. My first business is a Promotion company where I plan and organize promotions for Local Business's as well as music Entertainers in the genres of Rock, Country, and Hip Hop. My second business is a Pressure Washing Company LLC. My main focus was my Promotion Company, and as you can imagine the lifestyle of a music promoter can be very unhealthy if you allow it to be which I did. On New Year’s Eve 2012 my life was completely changed. I was riding on the passenger side of my car with my friend, who was driving. He took a turn too fast, and I was ejected from my car, and I landed on the right side of my head. When officers came to the scene of the accident they decided to air lift me to Memorial Herman Hospital. Upon arrival to the hospital doctors later told me I was pronounced dead for 20 minutes. As the medical staff worked very hard to bring me back to life, a miracle happened! When I was ejected out of my car the impact from the ground broke EVERY bone on the right side of my skull; which is one of the main reasons why I am alive today. The broken bones gave my brain enough room to swell, and it minimized my chances of being a vegetable. I have undergone major Brain Surgery. I also pinched a nerve in my right eye impairing my vision. Finally, I broke my left foot giving me a Liz-Frank break. Doctors expected me to be in the hospital for 4-6 months. However I was only admitted in the hospital for a month. While there I spent three weeks in the in STICU Shock Trauma Intensive Care Unit, and I spent one week in a small Rehab unit within the hospital. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t lucky to be alive today. I am a very blessed and fortunate person. Since my accident I have asked why am I still here. What can I do with my life since my accident to benefit others? First I believe the main reasons why I fought so hard to come back to life is my two year old daughter Skye. I remember being in the hospital recovering from the accident, and Skye came to comfort and lay with me and she said, “Daddy why do you have boo boos?” I looked at her and with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I said “Daddy will be ok!” It was really at that moment when I understood the magnitude of my poor choice on New Year’s Eve. Prior to my accident I was completely independent. I maintained my three bedroom home and I provided for Skye and I. All of my living expenses were paid for with the income from my two businesses. However since my accident I have been completely unable to work and provide for my daughter. Currently I am living with family here in Houston, and Skye is living with her mother. When my accident occurred I wasn’t medically insured. As you can imagine the cost of this accident is severe. As of today my total medical expenses are at an estimate of $375,000 dollars, and they are still rising. I will be very transparent with you on New Year’s Eve 2012 I should have died. I should not be here to write this donation letter, but I am very very thankful to be here. I would also agree with you that there are probably more worthy causes for you to donate to. However I have made a commitment to my family, friends, and especially my daughter Skye to turn my life around, and be the person I know I can be. I am very lucky to have a second chance at life, and I know it. Please consider donating to my medical expenses. Any dollar amount given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for taking the time to read my story and for supporting my second chance at life. Sincerely Jacob

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