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MEDICAL BILL HELP NEEDED. Terrific Tamas needs vet/medical work his disabled Mum can't afford! Need to raise funds so this loving boy can live on another 8 years!

I'm trying to raise funds to pay for seriously needed dental work for my beloved mini-Schnauzer, TAMAS, 8, but it will also greatly benefit me -- homebound, ill and unable to work for over 19 years.  This guy is my life!

TAMAS is the greatest!  He's a wise old soul, he loves everyone and would love to kiss you!  Tamas has been the best little brother to Winston, who was 12 years older, & is now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  Tamas is now the best big brother to a big black mixed dog who we rescued from a shelter almost 5 years ago.  TAMAS is the man of the house and Franklin & I would be so sad and absolutely lost without him.

Until recently, Tamas's health was fine.  But, I took him to the vet because he'd had swollen lymph nodes -- well, it's his teeth.  And the vet says he has a heart murmur now too -  but no heart disease.  Will just have to watch the murmur issue.  A friend who just lost her 16 year old girl Schnauzer said the breed has teeth issues -- which I did not know.  I sure do now!  Tamas has 2 teeth - the ones in the very, very back -- that are showing ROOTS!!  Still, my friend's dog lived to 16...if only this problem can be fixed, Tamas should have many, many more years of a happy, fun and healthy life to come.

While I went to school for 19 years so I could support myself and help my family, I've been unable to work for that long now.  I just have a tiny disability check, without COLAs, so the buying power goes down every year.  Therefore, I can't afford all of Tamas's dental work!  He needs help.  I need your help~  PLEASE.

If you knew Tamas you'd love him as much as I do.  He's the BEST!  He loves everyone, is a great brother, is JOY beyond belief, fun, playful, and a wise old soul.   So special.   Tamas and Franklin are not just pets or dogs to me -- they are my children with fur and my family.  Without them...oh, my life would be so much worse and I'm already so isolated and lonely.  Helping Tamas is also helping me and his brother, Franklin!

The vet bill will be expensive:  one round of antibiotics pre-surgery, blood work then a little extra blood work will be needed due to heart murmur, the cleaning, extractions, and applying a sealant to Tamas's teeth to prevent this occuring again, pain medicine and post-operative antibiotics.  WOW!  The vet said that the bill will be from $650 to $900 -- because until he actually has done the cleaning, he won't be able to tell specifically what all has to be done.   For me, in my situation, it might as well be a million dollars! 

I know times are hard and the economy is bad.  And for everyone, times are tough.  I would love to have lots of small contributions -- if we all could give help in small amounts to others, I believe we could accomplish a lot.  Naturally, larger amounts won't be turned down!  I will be truly and totally appreciative and thankful for any help.

I haven't slept much since we saw the vet....I am anxious and upset and have trouble sleeping...all I can think about is:  HELP 4 TERRIFIC TAMAS

SERIOUSLY!!!    So, is you can, please, PLEASE, PleASE, PLEASE help to whatever degree you are able.  

If you have questions, feel free to contact me, Mummy Martha:




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