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Lucy's family is trying to raise money to get her a life-saving surgery for her recent Syringomyelia diagnosis. We appreciate all donations

My little girl Lucy, a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was recently diagnosed with Syringomyelia, an extremely serious, progressively worsening spinal disease for which there is no cure-the main symptom of this disease is PAIN. Lucy has been suffering from this disorder since she was a puppy and unfortunately I was not aware of this until very recently. Lucy experiences excessive symptoms which include 20 or more episodes a day in which she is constantly scratching her right side, or air scratching and she constantly face rubs, to try and relieve her daily discomfort in her head, neck, and shoulders. We can rarely enjoy a walk because Lucy constantly bunny hops and scratches herself the entire time. Most nights Lucy sleeps on the floor all by herself away from the other dogs because she needs to lie in the coolest spots in the house, this is her attempt to relieve her symptoms.  Lucy is the sweetest most loving dog and it hurts me to know that every day for her is painful. Lucy has recently been to a veterinary neurologist for her disorder and her needed treatments include an MRI scan, shunt decompression surgery, and possibly medications as well. If Lucy does not get these treatments, her disorder will progress to the point that she will have to be put down when her pain gets to be too much for her to bear.  I created this fundraiser to ask friends, family, and fellow animal lovers to please consider donating to Lucy's cause. Lucy is a young girl that loves to play with her toys, get lots of attention, and gives lots of kisses. She can have many years of pain-free life ahead of her if she can get these treatments. Lucy and I greatly appreciate you donations and support. I've also posted some additional information regarding Lucy's disease, please feel free to check out the related links and videos on the bottom of this page for more information on what poor baby Lucy is experiencing. Thank you to everyone again for all your support, it means everything to us.
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