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Help Cory Bond raise funds to treat his debilitating Lyme Disease.

Please help Cory focus in battling the battle of his life. Since March of 2007, Cory Bond, age 35, has been suffering the effects of Lyme Disease, as well as Babesia, & Bartonella (all tick-borne infectious diseases.) Cory’s symptoms have been nausea/vomiting, trouble swallowing, anxiety, extreme sleep deprivation, cognition problems, heart complications, nerve pain (he sometimes feels like his nervous system has been coated with oil and lit on fire), and bowel problems. The conventional treatment for tick-borne infectious diseases is long-term antibiotics. Cory was on antibiotics for years, but unfortunately they wiped out a lot of his friendly gut bacteria and caused this potentially fatal intestinal infection Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff). C-Diff was eradicated, but two of his doctors have told him that once you have had C-Diff, you’re at greatly increased risk of getting it again if you use antibiotics again in the future. These doctors advised him not to use antibiotics anymore. Consequently, Cory started treating his infections with colloidal silver, to little avail.

Tragically, Cory’s health is steadily declining. He goes for extremely long periods of time without sleep (causing hallucinations, making his brain feel like it is pulling apart, and making it more and more difficult to mentally function), and feels like there is a definite time premium on his life right now.

Recently, a friend of Cory’s put him in contact with a friend whose husband was dying from Lyme Disease and went up to this clinic in Reno, Nevada – Sierra Integrative Medical Center – where his life was spared. This person was saying that people sent home from the hospital to die from Lyme Disease have been sent to this clinic and had their lives saved. Cory asked the Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who has been treating him for years about this clinic, and this doctor said that he will sometimes send hard-to-treat patients to this clinic, and that he has no problem with Cory going there, but that it is very expensive. Cory is hopeful of receiving treatment at Sierra Integrative Medical Center. He must first achieve the cost of the treatment, which could last for up to 6 weeks, living expenses for his time in Reno, plus medication for after his treatment. We have set a goal of $41,000.00 to help with these costs. We are raising money for these expenses with the hope that we relieve the financial burden so Cory can focus on healing.

Cory has been so debilitated from these infections that he has had to quit work. He has spent thousands of thousands of dollars treating this insidious disease, and doesn’t have the personal means to finance treatment at Sierra Integrative Medical Center. Additionally, the costs of Sierra Integrative Medical Center are not covered by insurance. Cory has some limited disability income every month, but this is consumed by current medical and living expenses. It is vital that Cory concentrate all of his energy and strength on winning this battle. Cory needs everybody’s help to win!

In-clinic treatments at Sierra Integrative Medical Center would include daily intravenous infusions, injections, and oral medications. Outpatient treatments would include therapies to aid in detoxification like colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage. Here is the financial breakdown for Cory’s treatment: $16,500 for in-clinic medical expenses for 6 weeks; $9,000 for out-patient lymphatic drainage and colon hydrotherapy for detoxification of killed-off pathogenic microbes and possible heavy metals or other toxins, for the 6 week stay at clinic plus post-clinic treatment for 6 months; $6,000 for up to 6 months of post-clinic meds they want you on; $1,200 for food; and $5,500 for lodging (2 people); all of which comes to $38,200. GiveForward charges a 7% fee for their services, which would be $2,674, and brings the total to $40,874. We rounded this figure off to $41,000.

Please consider helping Cory try to survive by donating. All your kindhearted contributions are profoundly appreciated – whatever you can give will help! Please share this website with your family and friends.

“Unto You I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens. Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us” (Psalm 123:1- 2, Holy Bible).
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