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Friends and relatives united to help save a family in danger of capsizing due to a economic catastrophe.

We declare at the seder, “Let all who are hungry enter and eat”. The very idea of an individual or family bereft of the means to celebrate Passover is anathema. And for hungry children, it is truly an incomparable tragedy.

Right now we have an opportunity to give real meaning to ‘Maos Chittin’ by helping one wonderful family from being destroyed materially, emotionally and spiritually. We – you and a short list of devoted friends and relatives united in organizing this appeal – can make all the difference.

We are talking about a large, proud, dignified family that has suddenly found itself in dire straits. The father is a man both learned and extremely hard working. He now finds himself mired in debt and threatened by lenders after the business he carefully built went under.

This is a family that has never asked for help from anyone – and is not even asking for help now. Yet they are paralyzed by debt and unbearable pressure.

A kitchen which only last year was filled with the joyous preparations for a Pesach feast, is now dark and empty with an unplugged refrigerator. There is no money for matzah, no money for wine, no money for the basic necessities of making a seder. The children are pleading for food, but there is very little to give. The neighbors know nothing. As far as anyone can tell, all is well. Which makes the reality all the more heartbreaking.

These people are not beggars. They are not parasites. They are not the kind of people who depend on others. They have no sense of entitlement.

And yet, their rescue is within our reach. If we can raise the needed funds, we can see them through this crisis, and put them back on their feet.

Yes, your gift will save a family from the devastation of debt and the shame of failure.

Your generous ‘Maos Chittin’ gift will help plug in their refrigerator and fill it with the necessities for Passover. It will enable them to celebrate the Festival of Freedom free of debt, and with the joy that comes when one is liberated from the fear of creditors and the constant threatening calls for payment.

Your gift will not only help save a family, it will make your own Passover so much more meaningful. Because your contribution is not an abstraction. It is very real, as this family is very real. One real, proud, upstanding Jewish family that happened to have really bad luck. It could have happened to any of us. And hopefully if that would, G-d forbid, happen there would be other caring individuals like us to set things right.

Thanking you in advance for you generous help, and wishing you a Happy and kosher Passover.

P.S. After reading this appeal – whether or not you are in a position to contribute – please pass the link on to your friends and acquaintances who may be inclined to help. You have the power to leverage your generosity – be it material generosity, generosity of spirit, or both – by inspiring others to partake in the great mitzvah of rescuing those who are unable to help themselves.
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